December 07, 2017

By Jue Douglas
Hi again and thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all having a good week so far and life is being kind to you on the run up to Christmas.
After lasts weeks drama of being without central heating for a couple of days (boy was it cold), I have now decided that the end to my spending on things I don’t really need days are over as I need to save for a new boiler!!!!! (insert crying face).
Before I decided this I did do a little Superdrug online order ( it was before honestly!!!!!) and all my items came today.
I thought it would be nice to show you in a little post what I’ve got hold of first before I do a later review on the certain items which I love.
I have used some of the items before and know how much I love them but a few are new to me products so I will explain as I go on.
First of all......Don’t judge me here but I did buy two lip products that are very similar in shade.( please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!!!)  I also am not going to lie here the first one was completely bought because of the glittery packaging.( again don’t judge!!!!)  It’s the REVOLUTION LIFE ON THE DANCE FLOOR LIPSTICK VIP EXCLUSIVE £3
After buying a palette from the life on the dance floor range I really wanted to pick up one of the lipsticks as well.  I’ve left the link to the palette just in case you missed the post
I did think this was going to be a Matte lip product but it’s not ( it never said online it was I just assumed) but it’s still a beautiful shade that feels so lovely and comfortable on the lips and can easily be made more matte looking with a tiny bit of Pressed Powder popped over the top. It’s long lasting as well and would look good in any handbag over the party season.
I’ve got a few of these in my collection already so I knew I was going to love them. I love the rose gold packaging and it like the other one does remind me of the packaging from MAC and doesn’t disappoint. Again I thought it was going to be a matte product as the other ones I have are matte lip products but I should have checked really on what I was buying instead of being in a rush.
I love the Revolution lipstick packaging at the moment they definitely look more expensive than they

I have seen this next product online for a while now and never purchased it for a couple of reasons, The first reason is it’s way to fancy and over the top ( I prefer more simple packaging) and the second reason is it’s £8 which it was quite expensive for a highlighter, But temptation gave in and I popped it on to my order.. it’s theMAKEUP REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE GLOW BRONZER AND HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE £8.
This is so beautiful and even the packaging looks like it’s come from a luxury brand. It’s all about the packaging really. It’s presented in a little box followed by a little velvet pouch, so abit over the top. I would have prefered it to have been in a less fussy packaging but saying that I can’t wait to give itago as I’ve heard so many good reports about it. At the moment I’ve only just swatched it on my hand it feels really nice and gives off an amazing swatch. It definitely deserves its own post which I might do in the next few weeks.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION BOLD AS BRASS PALETTE ( Free gift when you spend £12 on Revolution Makeup)
Because I spent over £12 on Revolution products I got sent the BOLD AS BRASS PALETTE. This palette is only available as a free gift. The colours in the palette are amazing and just my cup of tea. ( the top right copper shade is amazing) and I can’t believe it was a free gift when I probably would have bought it anyway. . I’ve left you the link just in case you fancy treating yourself or getting some extra Christmas presents.

Now there is a story behind this as this is a repurchase. I bought this originally in the summer to take on my holidays with me. Anyway I ended up taking it with me and somehow between there and here it went missing so I thought it was about time I bought another. I did enjoy the product until I went and lost it. The colour is very subtle which I love for me as I don’t like being too shimmery.

This is the product that I can’t wait to use the most. The shades are matte and I love the idea of a Blusher and a bronzer together as it’s usually only contours and highlighters that you can get in a compact. The packaging is very slim and simple and is the perfect style of compact that I love ( not too over the top but classy).
I’m a big fan of the ELF range and so glad it’s now available in the UK and I have have left you the link just in case you would like to have a little shop.
If you have done any online shopping lately I would love to know what you guys have been liking and buying. I will be back with you soon with a little Soap and Glory unboxing  and a post on dupes that I have waiting in the wings..
Until next time
Jue X

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