January 25, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

Hiya again and thank you for stopping by. I hope all is well and good in your part of the world.
So after last weeks illness it’s good to be back on top form again and trying out new products again.
Today it’s the turn of the new MAYBELLINE TOTAL TEMPTATION MASCARA that I thought I would try out and tell you what I thought.
It seems the perfect time as it’s one of SUPERDRUGS STAR BUY products this week at £6.99 ( normally £8.99) it’s also on a buy one get one half price so I will leave you the link below as that will make it even cheaper.
Now I don’t know about you but I love a new mascara release and the Maybelline Total Temptation one is no exception.
There are three items in the Total Temptation range,the mascara, brow pencils and the shadow/highlight palette.
Not a huge range and I don’t know if they will add to it, ( I’m hoping so) but it all looks good so far.
All the range is enriched with Coconut which I completely love.


The packaging on all the Total Temptation items is so beautiful in a sort of baby pink way.
It doesn’t feel cheap in anyway and the Mascara itself even though it’s plastic it’s not flimsy or hard to use and does have a lovely feel to the packaging.
The brush on the Mascara is quite thick with lots of bristles. They are proper bristles and not plastic in any way. I always find proper bristles easier to apply when it comes to mascara and even though I have enjoyed the Lash Sensational from the brand in the past it wasn’t the brush of my dreams it that makes sense.
It’s the brush that probably sells it for me straight away.
Another great thing about this mascara is the smell. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never had a mascara that smells so nice and even though it doesn’t smell completely of coconuts that’s what I guessing it is. I know a mascara that smells nice isn’t everything and probably isn’t important but I’m loving the novelty of this.
The product itself went on very well and I needed about three coats to get a good look ( that’s normal for me) it dries really quickly and I felt I could reapply over the top if I needed to as my lashes were quite soft and not stiff at all. Even though I did three coats there was definitely no clumps which I do often find in some cheaper Mascaras.
It really gives your lashes volume and It felt very comfortable to wear. You can’t really tell you have any mascara on.
It didn’t smudge on me all day which I’m surprised at as I’m quite an emotional person as if a Makeup is going to smudge it does normally so all good here.
It does take abit to remove and that was my only fault with the product as it reminds me of a waterproof mascara or the Sensational luxurious oil one they did. But with a double cleanse it soon had all the product removed so not that much of a problem.
I’m not sure if this is a thing but when removed my lashes feel really soft like they have been conditioned or something.
All in all a lovely mascara product and well worth £6.99.

I’ve left you the link above just in case you wanted to try it for yourself
Until next time
Jue X

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