January 28, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hello again you lovely lot and welcome back to my teeny tiny part of the internet. I hope all is well in your part of the world and life is treating you kindly.
Well I had to get on the band waggon that every self respecting “blogger” has.(it really has to be done). I went and bought the REVOLUTION CONCEAL & DEFINE £4 Concealer that is a new release from the brand.
Everywhere I have seen blog posts saying this is the latest must have product so I thought I had to see what the fuss is about.
Can you believe I’ve never used a Revolution Concealer before? And this seems the perfect one for me to try out.
Every blog post has linked this to be a complete dupe of the TARTE SHAPE TAPE £22. Some reviews even say it’s better!!
Now I have never tried the TARTE product ( its £22 which is way to pricey for me) but reading the description of the products they do sound rather similar in a Concealer/ Contour one product will do two jobs kind of way.
Getting back to the Revolution one. It’s £4 which is a brilliant price point for a Concealer making it even cheaper than my trusty COLLECTION £4.19 one that I have used on and off for years.

There are 18 shades in the range but to be honest the lighter shades seem to be sold out in stores and online. I think there is such a good choice in shades ( if you can get them)  and there must be one for all skin tones.
I love that there is such a good choice as most drugstore concealers have about 4 shades to choose from.
I always like a Concealer to be a lighter shade than my foundation so I picked up C3 and C4.(C1 and C2 we’re out of stock).
To be honest these two are pretty light and I couldn’t use them as a foundation shade and I’m quite pale so I think these two are a pretty good match for my skin tone.
If you wanted a Contour Shade the darker shades would be perfect but I wanted to just test the Concealer aspect of the product. I don’t think I will be using this as a contour anyway as I prefer a powder to contour with rather than a cream so it’s probably not worth me buying the darker shades.
What I completely love about this product is the packaging.
The packaging is beautiful and very instagramable ( is that even a word? If not it so should be!)
It’s quite big packaging for the 3.4ml of product inside (There is 6.5ml of product inside the thinner packaged collection one) but it’s still small enough to fit into your makeup bag with ease.
The applicator is massive and while I’m sure it’s perfect for the contour element of the product if your using it to cover up spots ( please tell me it’s not just me here) it’s a little bit to big for me. For under the eyes the size of the applicator is brilliant and you can cover a large surface area which is perfect after a sleepless night. Infact the applicator reminds me of the Rimmel Breathable Foundation applicator, the one that’s in the lid which I quite liked when I tried that foundation.
The formula is so creamy and goes on so thickly. I swear is could cover anything. You have to get in really quickly as it dries like lightening so you really have to blend it straight away one eye at a time otherwise it’s really noticeable and I found it wouldn’t blend at all.
I can imagine this being a problem when doing contour as unblended contour would look worse than unblended Concealer.( or do they both look as bad? I really don’t know!)
I also found that i couldn’t top it up or build up the coverage ( even though it didn’t need topping up when used as a Concealer but I can imagine if you used it for an all over product it might need it).
A little really does go a long way and you only need the tiniest of spots to provide a good coverage.
The Concealer does settle into fine lines around the eyes but nothing major. It’s probably not the best for dry areas either as it did cling to my dry areas but for oilier areas it does keep Matte for a long time.
You can also feel it on your skin as well while I never can with the Collection product but I think it’s because it’s so thick and does cover such a lot so you can probably forgive it for not being lightweight (us girls can’t have everything).
All in all a good Concealer that is perfect if you have a lot to Conceal. It’s perfect for my dark circles but not so good for spots.
I would love to try it as a contour but with it setting really quickly you would have to be super speedy and completely know what your doing and I’m still not the great at the whole Contour thing so if you have used it to Contour please leave me a comment and let me know how you get on.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. I need to try this concealer asap but I haven't seen any in my local stores yet so will have to keep an eye out, I've heard so many great things.. If it's anything like the Collection concealer than I'm sure I'll love it x

    Sinead |

  2. Sinead ❤️ It seems to be out of stock in a lot of stores and online. If you get hold of one I would love to know what you think X