February 09, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi there you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Today I thought I would bring to you another one of my unplanned blogposts which are turning out to be my very favourite posts to write. ( I’m rubbish at planning thing and love just typing what just comes into my head and I know it probably shows!!!!)  

I’m a Budget Beauty girl at heart but after seeing the hype about the new BENEFIT BAD GAL BANG MASCARA and watching You-tubers using it and getting fantastic results, I really wanted to try out the product myself.
You can wear any other makeup product on your face but if you’re not wearing mascara it’s really noticeable so it’s important to have a good one.
Well aren’t Boots points great. It’s like free money!!! To be honest I don’t really buy much from the store except at Christmas when I do love a good gift set. I must have spent abit over the festive season (or had a lot of double/ extra points vouchers because I did have £10 worth of points which is didnt even realise I had and I knew I had to spend them straight away!!
The Mascara is £20.50 which is insane for a mascara but there is a mini version of 4ml of product for £10.50 which seemed still quite a lot and I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t have all the points but I caved in and bought it or rather spent all my points.
There has been so much mystery surrounding this product in the Blogging world and nobody knew what it was going to be released. All people knew about was it seemed to have a “in space” feel and I know a lot of people expected something with glitter and not another mascara.

I had used the  BENEFIT THEY’RE REAL mascara which I got free with a GLAMOUR magazine once before.I wasn’t very impressed with the THEY’RE REAL one, It smudged and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get on with it when lots of other people loved it.
This one is something else this one promises to be smudge proof and flake free. It’s also water resistant which is good for me as I’m quite an emotional person and do get watery eyes.

It contains one of the lightest ingredients used in astronauts spacesuits ( hence the space theme) which does sound impressive.
The box does claim that 90% of people saw dramatic volume and 92% said it lengthened lashes which I have to admit are pretty good statistics. But the statistics show they were tested on 21 people which isn’t many when you think about it.

Please bear in mind that I have short horrible lashes to start off with so this could be really good for me hence my over excitement.
At first glance the product still is quite small ( well I did buy the mini version so I can’t expect it to be big)  but it’s ideal for travel and to carry around with you.
It comes in a little box which I’m not really a fan of as I think it’s abit of a waste of packaging and I’m all for saving the planet on the packaging front. But as far as the packaging is concerned if I did like over packaged products  the box is eye catching and is very space themed which is quite nice.
The tube itself feels lovely and the rubber nobberly top makes it so easy to use and easy to grip hold of.  Even though it’s a small wand it wasn’t hard to use at all. I am guessing that the full sized version would have a longer wand and would be easier to use.

I don’t think the brush itself is any bigger just the wand itself so even though I bought the mini one it didn’t effect the application of the product. The brush is a really good shape. It’s plastic and where as I would prefer a proper bristle brush I do like this one being long and thin

The wand seems to get to every lash like it promises and it really does feel light on your lashes and you really do get a nice feel about this product. I would say the formula feels quite wet and very glossy black and it set really quickly with no smudges on the top eyelids like some Mascaras can give you.
With the brush being so thin and the wand being so small  I felt I had more control to where I wanted the product to go and found application quite nice.
Even though my lashes looked more voluminous I wouldn’t say they looked any longer ( which I’m surprised at) and I didn’t look like I was wearing false lashes either. They did look nice though and separated and I was very happy with the results.
I would say you only need two coats of the product as I did three and found it looked abit too much.
It did last me all day and didn’t budge or smudge so I definitely agree with the 36 hour claim even though I’m not really going to test it out for this amount of time and it’s hard to imagine when anyone would need a mascara to last that long.
It was easy to remove as well with my usual cleanser so no trouble there.
All in all definitely a lovely mascara but it didn’t wow me like it has seem so other people.
 I think I had really wanted to be so impressed but it has definitely reaffirmed my love for Budget beauty brands.
 I’m not tempted to buy the full sized I’m just going to see how I go on with the mini version.
So don’t worry Budget Beauty fans if you have heard the hype and really want to give it a try because I know drugstore brands will bring out a dupe soon so I’m happy to wait.
I’m not sure if the full sized product would have given me better results and really wowed me instead of the mini version that don’t get me wrong I do like it  but not that much that I would spend £20.50 on as I have used just as good drugstore brands before.
If you have tried this what do you think? Am I the only person in the world who hasn’t been wowed by this product
I would love to hear if you haven’t liked this product as I haven’t read a bad review about it yet!
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. I was expecting better from benefit. Thank you for being honest ❤️

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read Meghan. I did as well 💜 X