February 06, 2018

Is it good to glow?
By Jue Douglas
Hello again and thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a good week so far and all is good in your part of the world.
Now you guys know I’m abit rubbish when it comes to highlighter. I am always admiring people’s faces if I think their highlighter is really nice. ( not in a weird way,  just in a way that makes me think how have you achieved that?).  So when I saw the BARRY M LIQUID CHROME HIGHLIGHTER DROPS it seemed  like the kind of product I definitely wanted to try.

I’m quite easily swayed and if someone says something is good I feel like I have to try it.
On the other side of the coin if someone says somethings really bad I really want to see the best in the product and find out for myself.
 This is one of those products.
I have heard good and bad things about this and at £6.99 I didn’t want to buy it and be disappointed but in the other hand I didn’t want to not get it and miss out on what could be a good product.
So with an open mind I thought it was worth a go.
The BARRY M LIQUID CHROME HIGHLIGHTER DROPS are quite new to the brand  ( not that new but I’m abit late to the party on this) and can be used to brighten your skin either to highlight your bone structure or by adding drops to your foundation or body lotion  to give you an all over glow not only to your face on your body as well ( I do like a multi functional product even though I don’t really want a glowy body)......

The Highlighter drops come in five different shades.
LIQUID FORTUNE ( which is a Bronze tone and my favourite out of the five)
BEAM ME UP ( which is a lighter pink tone)
PRECIOUS PEARL ( which is a lighter pink tone)
MOON POTION ( which is a lighter white tone)
AT FIRST LIGHT ( which is a cool pink tone)

Only wanting to buy one ( just in case I didn’t like it) I thought the shade LIQUID FORTUNE was the shade that would flatter my skin the most being a Bronze tone so that’s the one I went with.

Now even though I have used Highlighter Drops from a different brand before I thought I really wanted to watch some more you tube video tutorials before I start. ( you can never watch too many) The Barry M website is brilliant for its tutorials and after you’ve watched them you feel like a pro! I definitely had that “I can so do this” feel about myself....

I decided I didn’t want an all over my face glow as I do have combination skin and I can be shiny enough all by myself so I went for the highlighter on the high cheek bones that looks so good.
The product itself it quite easy to use and the little droplet applicator makes it easy to just drop the smallest amount in dots where you want it.
The droplet does make it easier if you were mixing it in with foundation or a body lotion but if your just applying it onto you face like I did  you really don’t need to fill it up at all.!

I applied it after foundation and just before pressed powder. Even though I don’t use the powder over the liquid highlighter as it just goes cakey.
I have to admit in the past I tend to forget the highlighter and just slap on the powder then realise what I’ve done and then if you go in with the liquid highlighter over the powder it doesn’t look that great. Infact you can’t do it at all unless you want a big cakey mess ( that might be just my face!) so it’s definitely a straight after foundation job before the foundation sets that worked best for me.

I have a highlighter brush but I do prefer to use a small REAL TECHNIQUES sponge that I had in a gift set for Christmas. The sponge is for Concealer but I find it really does make the highlighter go on nicely and is much easier for me to use. ( please don’t judge me for not using the correct tools for the job). The trick is to blend, and with a sponge it does make it so much easier to achieve this. I found you have to be quick when it comes to blending and it does dry quite quickly and once it’s dried you can’t blend it at all.

I didn’t bother to highlight my nose or chin but I do love that look on other people, but on me it makes my nose look shiny and then I feel I have to add extra powder and end up looking cakey and no one wants cakey looking makeup!

The product really does show up, infact you really don’t need a lot of the liquid, just a drop and it’s definitely a case of less is more here and you can overdo it big time and look like a glitter ball.
The product lasted all day and it doesn’t transfer either which I find can happen with a liquid highlighter. You can be resting your head in your hands and end up having transfer from your face to your hands but this product didn’t transfer once and I found once it’s on it stays on.
Saying that it’s not hard to remove either and I just used my usual makeup remover to remove and no shimmer anywhere.
After using this product  it’s really hard to understand why anyone would pay £30 for the Iconic or Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Highlighter when I can’t imagine you wouldn’t get anymore of an pigmented product than this one.
It’s quick and easy to use ( if I can use it anyone can) with no mess at all and you get the look that would flatter most skin tones. Definitely a staple in the makeup bag and I can’t wait to try out more shades from the range.

I have left the link above for the product as it gives some awesome tutorials of how to use the product  just in case you are a little bit like me and a beginner in the highlighting field.

Im also leaving a link below just in case you fancy picking one up.
Barry M is also Cruelty Free so what’s not to love!

If you do or have used one before please let me know what you think.
Until next time
Jue X

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