February 04, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi there you lovely lot thank you for stopping by. I know this is a very impromptu post and I haven’t planned to do another post until my BARRY M review later this week but it seemed to be too good of an opportunity to miss, so hope you don’t mind!!!
Today I wanted to bring to the blog something that is not Makeup!!
I do always seem to be talking about Makeup and I have to admit it’s my favourite thing to talk about ( as well as my cats!!!!) but I do love a good Primark shop!!!
Do you remember that last year I used to do Primark Hauls all the time? Yes I know!! It used to be so unusual if I didn’t go to my local store once every week or so.
I don’t know what’s happened but I haven’t been going as much as usual. Infact this is my first haul of 2018 and seen as it’s February it’s pretty shocking really. I did buy a few bits today to make up for my lack of Primark shopping action! A couple of items I did actually go in for after seeing them on Instagram ( I will let you know as I get to them).
So without further ado on with the haul!!
Firstly I really want to talk about the beauty bits and this is the department that excites me the most. Every time I go into Primark I always seem to come out with a makeup bag. I do have a lot. ( all of which are full) this one is a generous size and was £4. It’s such a good size and I love the fact it’s transparent with a cute little rainbow pattern on so you can see what you’re trying to find in there without having to route around. I have replaced my Jack Wills one ( Which I bought in the Boots sale) that I overfilled and broke the zip( opps).
I did buy my trusty black eyeliner that I always buy and it’s only £1.
Now for the thing I went in for. It’s the PS Amber Palette £4. This is Primarks dupe for the Naked Heat Palette From Urban Decay. I have decided to do a separate blogpost about this product but it’s such a good price and I can’t wait to try it.

 The last accessory I bought was a headphone splitter for £2. These are great if two people want to listen to one device and you want to plug in two sets of headphones. These are ideal for travel and when I’m watching you tube.
 Now on to the clothes the first item was this Verona grey sweatshirt. I love the Gucci style of this item and at £7 I cant wait to wear it! Only problem is they didn’t have my size so I’m worried it might to big but it’s better Oversized than too small but I couldn’t leave it on the shelf whatever the size it had been.
The jacket was a bargain and I picked it up in the sale. It’s identical to the black one I have worn to death over the winter that is super cosy as it’s got fur inside. I love the distress detail of this and even though I don’t need anymore jackets you can never have too many.
The T Shirt is abit of a random purchase as it’s nowhere near warm enough for t shirts yet ( even though Primark is full of them and bikinis as well) but I loved the colour green of this and it’s £4. 
I do love a slogan t shirt and I remember when they were popular a few years ago. I had one that said “Lucky” on and i only bought it for the irony of it all.
The last item is my complete favourite item and I totally love them!!!! They are proper statement boots and they were £3!!!! I have admired them from a far in the shops, online and on people but I could never find them in my size when I went sale shopping in December. Primark today seemed full of them and I could have literally bought four pairs. I did go looking for them in the hope they had had another delivery so I’m so happy and I think I did do a little excited squeal when I found a pair and I can’t wait to wear them this week. 
If you have been into Primark lately I would love to hear what you have bought. 
Until next week when I will be bringing you a Barry M liquid Chrome review.
Jue X 

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