March 22, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi there you lovely people and thank you for stopping by for another rambling blog about something I’m really loving at the moment.
I hope this week is treating you kindly and life is good now the weather seems to have improved!
This week for me has been a good one with my only drama being with my cats pulling down my curtains which I can cope with.
Anyway let me set the seen!!!
We were snowed in on Sunday and what do I do when I’m snowed in? Basically go on the internet and do some online shopping. In other words pretty much what I would do on any other day really!

Now you guys know by now, how much I love MAKEUP REVOLUTION especially their Eyeshadows.
 So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across MAKEUP OBSESSION which is a part of MAKEUP REVOLUTION. More importantly customising your own palettes.
Now I’m sure Mac do a simular concept and I know Essence do so it’s not a new thing but it’s new to me as I have never bought any from either of the brands.
Now the concept is you buy an empty palette ( prices start from £4 depending how big you want your palette) I bought one that held 6 refills. They had lots of different styles of empty palettes. I choose a plain black one but wish I had been a little bit more adventurous and bought a bigger one or a different coloured palette rather than black but you know what I’m like I will probably end up with another one.

To fill the palette you have to buy the single Eyeshadows ( prices start at £2 each) and customise the palette with your chosen products.
The eyeshadow comes  in plastic holders which would itself makes super packaging and you could easily just use them alone without the palette. But ideally you can just pop the colours out to fit nicely in your empty palette and swap and change the shades over whenever you want, it’s that easy!
As I go for more red/orange shades it seemed the perfect idea to pick your own. It reminds me of a sweets pick and mix that we all used to do as children but with makeup!
You can swap and change your palette for example if you get bored with having about 6 shades that are very similar to each other ( that might be just me) and fancy a change.
Or if you use one of the shades all up or one of the shades breaks you can simply replace one and not have to buy the whole palette again.
As this is a Tam Beauty brand you know the Eyeshadows are going to be great and they rival higher end eye products with amazing pigmentation.
Now this is the best bit!!!!! You can also buy blushers and highlighters with exactly the same format to fill your palette. Which means you can have say 4 Eyeshadows, a Blusher, and a Highlighter all in the same palette. This would be brilliant for holidays or just to have in your makeup bag.

If you fancy customising your own palette I will leave the link below for you to check it out for yourself

If you have made your own customised palette I would love to know how you get on.
Until next time
Jue X

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