March 09, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hello again you lovely people and thank you for stopping by. I hope you’re had a fantastic week and life is treating you kindly. After last weeks horrible week I wanted to get back on track and back in the blogging zone with one of my favourite posts to do .. yes I’ve been trying out new makeup!!

 Today as the title says I want to talk about my thoughts on the MAKEUP REVOLUTION FAST BASE FOUNDATION STICK £5.
Now I know this is completely new for me as I’ve never used a solid foundation before or a foundation from Makeup Revolution so I’m keen to try this out.
After using the CONCEAL AND DEFINE CONCEALER £4 From the brand and finding it one of the best concealer I’ve ever used when I heard about this foundation I really wanted to give it a go.

These Foundations come in 18 difference shades each with a different number for example F1,F2 and so on so there is definitely a shade for all skin shades.
The shades I went for were F2 and F4 ( F3 was out of stock but shade F4 was perfect for me so I don’t think I will order shade F3 anyway)
Foundation sticks are fast becoming a thing at the moment and I love the fact it’s an easy way to apply makeup. These do remind me of the Max Factor Pan Stick that they still make but we’re popular years again.
I know the trend is to contour with the darker shades but I haven’t ever tried to do that with a foundation stick so I just thought I would review this as a foundation.
The first thing that you notice about this product is the packaging it’s beautiful. It’s a pretty nude packaging with Rose Gold. Makeup Revolution do excel on the packaging front and it does look like a much more expensive product than the £5 that it is. It feels lightweight as well so it’s perfect for on the go.

The Foundation twists up like a lipstick and couldn’t be easier to apply. I found applying it straight to my face worked the best and then blending it out with a foundation brush. I usually like a damp sponge when it comes to foundation and have tried both ways. But I have to admit I prefer a brush with this product as my sponge didn’t give me the same even finish like the brush did.
I found it super creamy and it blends so nicely and not sticky or stiff at all. I can see why the product would make a good contour as it blends so nicely. I could definitely be tempted to buy one in a darker shade for a contour at a later date.
The coverage is amazing. I did put plenty on which I always do but that might have something to do with the blemishes on my face. I like the fact this can be used as a Concealer as well and did cover my dark circles and spots as well ( Spots, Dark Circles and Blemishes!!! I don’t paint a lovely picture of myself do I)

Now I’m not going to lie I was a little bit disappointed when I found out this formula was dewy finish as I’m a matte girl but saying  that I dusted my whole face with my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed powder and I really enjoyed the finish of the both the products together.
I have also used the MAKEUP REVOLUTION BANANA POWDER £5 With  this as well and that works nicely and just as good as the Rimmel one. 
Now this product really lasts!!! Normally with a dewy finish foundation I can’t seem to find one that lasts all day. I suffer with oily skin so dewy foundations seem to melt off my face and I end up looking shiny and a mess!! but this one is so good. It’s quite a thick coverage which I think really helps. It didn’t go patchy and the finish was nearly as good at the end of the day as it was at the start.  It didn’t really budge all day and I was super impressed.
The product doesn’t oxidize either which is a complete winner in my eyes. so no orange faces here.
I also enjoy how easy this foundation is to use and I do think it would make a perfect product to carry around in a handbag for during the day touch ups. It would also make the perfect product to take away for holidays as you can use it as a Concealer aswell ( I love a good 2 in 1 product when I’m on my holidays! Not that I’m going anywhere at the moment but that’s another story!!)
I have left you the link below just in case you fancy purchasing one of these sticks to try it for yourself..

These are relatively new to the Revolution brand and have only been available since the end of February this year., and like many new items from the brand they are sold out in many shades when I last looked but like the Concealers they soon renew there stock.
This to me shows how good a product is and like the Concealers you can get a quality makeup products that are as good as some higher end products for a fraction of the price.
Also SUPERDRUG do give you an option to receive an email when stocks have been replenish. That’s definitely worth doing as I have bought lots of sold out stock products after I have received a notification to say it’s back in stock.

If you have used this foundation stick I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on the product.

Can Makeup Revolution do any wrong in my eyes? They really do seem to be killing it at the moment.
Until next time
Jue x

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  1. need to try this soon.

    1. I'm surprised how much I enjoyed using these products. its made me want to try more foundation sticks. If you try one please let me know how you go on. thank you for reading X