March 07, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Well hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you have had a lovely week and if you are in the UK the snowy weather last week didn’t hinder any of your plans.
Last week and this week ( even though the weather is definitely better) has been a stressful one for me.
What with family illness that ended up with two hospital trips and It will come as know no surprise to regular readers to hear the other one being a plumbing issue ( it always is). To cut a long story short we had water coming though the ceiling ( yes the actual ceiling) and found out it was from next door. The guy from next doors whole ceiling has come down and he’s on holiday so not good at all for him.
After all this a couple of my planned posts have been popped on hold for another week while I get myself back on track and into the blogging zone again. In other words I haven’t had chance to try any of my new products to write reviews about them or even bought much in the way of makeup so please forgive me for the lack of content.
So instead of not doing anything I thought it might be a nice idea to write a post about my favourite  skincare products that I enjoy using when I haven’t been faced with flowing water though the ceiling of my home.
This cold weather has been quite good for my oily skin if I’m honest, it’s got to have been good for something!!!!! as it seems to have slightly dried it out.
I do tend to over cleanse ( is that a thing?) as I wear a lot of makeup and want to make sure I take it all off before I go to bed. The thought of going to bed in makeup fills me with certain horror  and perhaps im a little obsessive when it comes to skin care. So I’m going to take you though my favourites and how I love to use them.

Firstly in a morning a wash my face with the SOAP AND GLORY VITAMIN FACIAL WASH. £6.99 This stuff is brilliant and really awakens your skin. It’s really lovely and refreshing. The product feels like it’s saying “wake up” to your skin and is probably the best facial wash for a proper wake up morning wash.
It also leaves you glowing which is always a good thing first thing in a morning. It’s quite pricey but does last me a long time as I only use this in the morning.

I also enjoy using the SUPERDRUG NATURALLY RADIANT GLYCOLIC ACID DAILY CLEANSING WIPES. £5.99. I am not going to lie I do only buy these when they are on an offer. They are one buy one get one free at the moment and I’ve left you the link below.
 I first discovered them last summer and I swear this product helped with my hyper pigmentation. I always have a tub in my bathroom cupboard and use it just whenever I feel the need to. I know I have talked about these on various posts but I literally can’t live without them and they are probably one of my favourite skin products I own from my favourite Skincare range.

Another product I have been loving at the moment is from the same range. It’s the NATURALLY RADIANT HOT CLOTH CLEANSER. I swear after I’ve used this i feel like I’ve had a facial. My skin feels super clean and smooth and I don’t know what happens but my skin feels a little more youthful temporarily. The whole range is so affordable for the quality of the product and if you catch it when it’s on offer it’s even better. ( it’s a complete Beauty bargain in the first place).
Talking about looking youthful I do like an Anti Ageing Cream. I’ve been using products that claim to be anti wrinkle since I was 18 (which isn’t yesterday) and there hasn’t been a day that goes by without me using many different products. Even though I know I probably look my age if I hadn’t been using the skincare I might look about 90! and I believe it’s never to early to care for your skin.
At the moment after watching a programme that recommended using any products with Retinal in. I went out and bought the cheapest I could buy. The one I’m using at the moment is the LOREAL REVITALIFT EYE CREAM £5.99  and the LACURA Q10 RENEW NIGHT CREAM £1.79. I did use the LOREAL REVITALIFT DAY CREAM at first but found I do prefer just to use the eye cream. This soaks in a lot nicer and hydrates under my eyes.
The B PURE MICELLAR WATER is definitely my favourite Micellar Water. It’s on offer at SUPERDRUG at the moment at £1.99 which is such a good price as it lasts for ages. I prefer this one to the Garnier one which I did use for a while but found the wash formula of this hurt my eyes but this one is so gentle and I will definitely leave a link to it while it’s on offer.

A product I’ve been loving to use after I’ve used the Micellar Water to remove all my makeup is the SIMPLY PURE SMOOTHING FACE SCRUB. This is so good as it’s got little bits in. I do love a face product to have little bits in as I feel it exfoliates my skin for a proper clean. This one is perfect and definitely my one of my favourites.
The B COMFORTING MOISTURE CREAM is perfect to pop on your skin if you feel you skin needs a little extra something. My skin is quite oily but because it smells so nice and leaves my skin feeling super soft I still use it anyway even though I feel I probably don’t need any extra moisture.
It smells amazing and I have to admit I do use it as a hand cream as well ( please don’t judge me) it just smells so good. 

 The last thing I want to talk about is the HOME BARGAINS AGE REVERSE FACE WIPES 99p. These smell so nice ( I do love a good smelling wipe!!) They are great to use if  I smudge my makeup during the day or using after all that cleansing of an evening. They have a proper fasten top so they won’t dry out. I love to take a packet in my handbag when I’m on a day out as you never know when you’re going to need a wipe!
If you love any of these products please let me know what works for you or what you don’t like.
Hopefully I will be back to normal posts next week when all is well in the Juelook household ( ie no more hospitals and my walls have dried out) and I have had a chance to try or buy all my new goodies!!!
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. Superdrug do some awesome skincare!

    1. Aww Meg! I know right! It’s definitely my favourite place to buy skincare!!!

  2. I prefer the Soap and glory peaches and clean to the Vit c one

    1. I like that one as well. It’s super good at taking makeup off as well X