March 06, 2018

Ideal for Mother’s Day! 
By Jue Douglas

Well hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by.
Today I thought I would share with you something that has been kindly gifted to me by the lovely people at VANACCI.
Vanacci is a Yorkshire UK based fashion brand and was founded in 2014. It offers unique, innovative accessories that are handmade to the highest quality and are unlike anything else thats already on the market.

The range includes Hacker proof Wallets, Cardholders, Watches, Moneyclips and the thing that excites me the most Fragrance Enhancing  Jewellery.
The Jewellery not only is so beautiful it has a special LOCKSTONE technology which is a bead that can be sprayed with a fine fragrance of the owners choice. This is locked in the bracelet to release the scent though out the day.

The LOCKSTONE is a completely new concept which to be honest I don’t really understand how it works  and why the scent lasts so long ( I’m no good at Science) but I can’t wait to try it
It suits any fragrance and comes in styles that suits ladies and gentlemen.
The styles include Pendents,Cufflinks and Bracelets. So there’s something for everyone.

The bracelet I have is from the Solaris range. It is super cute as I do love a good space themed item and I would go as far as to say it’s out of this world. It definitely wouldn’t look out of place with any other Jewellery that you already wear and it’s cool beaded design makes it a great item to have in your jewellery collection. This one is available in four different sizes 14cm,17cm,20cm,22cm. This is excellent for me as I do have small wrists ( it’s probably the only part of me that is small) so it’s great that whatever your wrist size is, there is a bracelet to fit.
Firstly let me show you the packaging. Which is beautiful and makes the product look a lot more expensive than it is. It comes in a simple black box with silver writing on the top. It also  comes complete with a special card with the date it was crafted and instructions with care details on. This makes the item unique and very special. The packaging makes the product great to be given as a gift or if you want to treat yourself it’s great to have somewhere to store your bracelet at the end of the day.
The bracelet feels lightweight but sturdy enough to feel like a luxury product. It feels so comfortable to wear and looks like just a normal beaded bracelet which is kind of the beauty of it. It would look good on any wrist and would look good to wear alone or with other Jewellery such as a watch or bracelet or maybe more beads.
I used a small sample of EDP of Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal (which is a pretty long lasting fragrance anyway) to spray the LOCKSTONE and completely soaked it for 5 minutes before popping it on my wrist. A tip here is to make sure the LOCKSTONE is completely dry before wearing it.
The LOCKSTONE really does make the scent last longer ( it boasts over 7 times longer). Not only have I had compliments about the bracelet but for my perfume as well which is always a good thing
It does make your fragrance last all day and can be topped up. If you fancy a different scent the LOCKSTONE can be washed with warm water to remove the scent or if you are anything like me you could have one bracelet for each perfume you own but that’s the shopaholic side of me talking.

If you would love to own one of these beautiful bracelets for yourself or indeed treat a special someone in your life I will leave the link below.
I have a discount code of 10% off if you tap in the code JUE10 at checkout.
It definitely would make an excellent Mother’s Day present and there’s still time to order one to arrive in time for this Sunday.
There is also an opportunity to get it engraved making it that even more personal and special.

If you do buy one please let me know which one you picked up as I would love one in each colour!
Until next time
Jue X


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