April 14, 2018

By Jue Douglas

 Hi guys, thank you for stopping by. It seems ages since I last did my last post even though it’s only been a week it seems much longer. I have planned on posting this on  Wednesday ( it’s now Saturday)  but what with everyday life getting in the way and all that, I can only apologise for my absence.
Today I wanted to share with you my views on foundation sticks. Since trying three out recently  I really wanted to share my thoughts on which I think was worth buying and which I wouldn’t bother with.
These are a big deal at the moment, with many makeup brands jumping on board with the trend and reading so many good reviews I thought I would like to give them a try for myself. I have only recently started using them after first trying a Max Factor pan stick years ago and not really enjoying it and yes they still make pan sticks and I do wonder if they are still the same formula now as they were back in the day. But enough about Pan Sticks and one with the post.

The three I want to talk about are the

Let’s start off with my favourite out of the three. It’s the BARRY M one. This is amazing. It blends so nicely and even though the packaging says Medium Coverage it’s so buildable you can easily get a full coverage with this. It lasts all day isn’t sticky or too dry and I love it. There aren’t many shades to choose from (8 shades at the moment) and they are numbered the same as the Revolution ones For example I’m a shade F3 with the Revolution foundation stick and was a shade F2 with the Barry M one if that makes sense and the shades are pretty similar.
One thing to point out is the price. It’s not as cheap as the Revolution one and I do prefer the packaging with the Revolution one but the BARRY M product itself suits my skin more and gives me a fuller coverage which is what I prefer with a foundation.
To apply I just drew on my face and blended with a damp beauty blender as I found this the easiest option for application.
It doesn’t cake or change colour so you know that the colour you pop on your face is the colour you are going to be at the end of the day which I think is kind of important. I did use the GOSH baking powder which I am completely loving at the moment to set it with and I think that really helps with the staying power of all my foundations at the moment.
All in all if you are looking to buy a foundation stick I would try this one first.
I left you the link below just in case you fancy picking one up and they are on 3 for 2 at Superdrug as well so it’s all good news.


I recently did a post about the REVOLUTION FAST BASE FOUNDATION STICK £5 which I will leave the link of below in case you missed it. I don’t really want to repeat myself and bore you here but I did enjoy it but wish it had been more of a matte formula. It’s super creamy too and so easy to blend, probably abit more so than the Barry M one here. I just wish it had been a more matte finish

The one I didn’t enjoy was the L’Oreal Infallible one. This was £8.99 and I’ve only used it twice because I didn't enjoy it so perhaps I haven’t given it a fair try. For a start I think I picked up the wrong shade and it was a tiny bit too dark for me.My local store didn’t have many shades to choose from (12 in all but only 6 in my local store) so I would perhaps feel differently if I had one that was my skin tone. ( even though this normally doesn’t bother me when trying a new product as it’s all about the formula). I used the same application method to apply and used the GOSH baking powder to set. The thing you really notice with this is you can really feel it on your face and is quite heavy.I’ve heard lots of people saying how much they enjoyed it and I know it’s meant to be amazing as a contour stick but I just used it for foundation and preferred the other two products.
I did buy the highlighter as well but even though the sheen on my swatch below is beautiful it just didn’t look the same on my face. I think these are more for contour and not so much for an all over your face look.
It did last all day, without changing shade and I didn’t go orange which is a plus for me,but I just wanted to wash it off and it’s put me off trying it again. Perhaps my skin was having an off few days I don’t know.
I was really expecting to love this and even took the photos for Instagram ( before I tried it out) and a separate blog post but couldn’t bring myself to post either but really wanted to mention it as it’s £8.99 and that’s quite expensive.

If you have used any of these products I would love to hear what you think. I love the fact any of the products fit brilliantly into your handbag or makeup bag and are perfect for on the go. I love the fact these would be brilliant for travel especially when carrying Liquids can be such a hassle on air travel nowadays.
If you have used any of the foundation sticks mentioned in this post even a Max Factor pan stick I would love to know what you think. Do you like the L’Oreal ones? Should I repurchase in another shade even though they are £8.99 and that’s a lot to waste!

Are there any Foundation Sticks I haven’t mentioned that you think I would love? Please either leave me a comment below or Instagram message as some people I have found out have been having trouble leaving comments below.
I don’t know why and  I am trying to sort it out but having no luck. I will leave a link for my Instagram below as well if you would like to follow me as I’m always posting.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. I tried the L’Oreal foundation sticks and preferred the Revolution ones but did like both though. Never tried the Barry M one ��

    1. Thank you for commenting... The Barry M one is definitely worth a try. Xx

  2. Im going to buy the Barry M one now after your review

    1. Aww make sure you let me know what you think .. thank you for your comment X

  3. I love Barry M and Revolution products as they don't test on animals. great post

    1. Aww thank you for commenting.. Barry M and Revolution do some great makeup X