April 15, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hey there all you lovely people and thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all well and life is being good for you. I’m writing this with an epic fake tan fail. I’m so glad you can’t see me at the moment as it’s not a good look and I think I will stay pale from now on.
So last week ( before the fake tan) I went to Primark twice!! It was a sort of impromptu shop and it wasn’t really me I was shopping for on both occasions, but when does that ever stop me.
Now I nearly didn’t write this post as I didn’t spend that much and didn’t really know if it was worth a post but I know you guys seem to like these posts so I thought, yep it’s worth it and I have  been twice!!
First things first I’ll show you the clothes. I’m not really very keen on buying clothes at the moment as my life seems to be a constant battle to lose weight. I really need to do this before the summer. ( I have no willpower!
 Now some of you might remember a few weeks ago I bought some stripy 3/4 length trousers. I couldn’t decide if they were for me so I was in two minds if I could get away with them or I would look clown like.. anyway to cut a long story short I needed to exchange the size so I exchanged them instead of getting my money back and can’t wait to wear them. They were £10 which even though I do think is cheap in the grand scheme of things I do think Primarks prices are going up.
My next pair of trousers were a simular style but this time they are all black and a little bit wider in the leg. These were £10 as well. The fabric does feel really nice quality and they are so comfortable which is important for me.
I am completely loving these kind of trousers at the moment so my third pair is a simular Style. This time these are thinner material and probably better for summer time. They were £13. Which yes is pricey but I really liked them. I love how oversized these trousers are and they are so roomy so I diid down size on all 3 pairs! 
To go with all three pairs of trousers I spotted this cute little yellow stripy T Shirt. Now I’m not sure if yellow suits me but I have recently dyed my hair black. Now I know that sounds extreme and considering my natural hair colour is light brown, but I’ve been dark brown for years and I do like it darker. So now I’m thinking yellow will look lovely with black hair. The T Shirt is really for my holidays and even though I’m not going to Italy I do love the little slogan detail on the front. The idea in my head is to team it with little Demin shorts and Converse.
Now to complete the image in my head I picked up two pairs of sunglasses.The yellow ones were £2 and the pink ones were £1.Now this is where I feel Primark excel themselves. The range of sunglasses in the store at the moment is brilliant and I’m definitely going back for more pairs because two pairs won’t be enough!!!!!
The only downside of the yellow pair are that they are mirrored and I hate talking to people who are wearing mirrored sunglasses because well you can see yourself but I loved these so into my little basket they went.
Now the last clothes item I picked up was this stripy sweatshirt. It was only £5 which is a complete bargain and it would look perfect with one of my many Demin jackets. I do love a good striped top and probably own way too many. This one is super comfy for just lounging around the house. 
Now onto the good stuff Makeup.......
Now you guys already know how much I love the makeup in Primark and I can’t leave the store without picking something up.
I did buy another Amber palette £4 that I have bought before but that was just a repurchase. I did buy the Berry Palette £4 that I’m going to do a future post on so I won’t say too much here but I love Primark Palettes and at £4 you can’t go wrong.
I did pick up two lip products, one was from the Nudes range £1.50, this was a repurchase as they last forever on your lips ) The other was from the E-pop range £2. This one I can’t wait to try as it’s got a sponge applicator. The shade I got was pillow talk and I will get back to you on if I enjoyed using it.
If you have been to Primark lately.. let me know what you have bought and if you have done a Primark Haul leave your links below.

Until next time
Jue X 

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