April 18, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Hi there, you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all well and having a good week so far. After last weekend self tan fail I am happy to report my colour is finally getting back to normal and it makes me sad that;
A, I’m rubbish at fake tan and
B, the weather isn’t warm enough to get a real tan, but mostly A if I’m honest.

Today I didn’t want to really do another Primark post but I did promise in my last post to show you the BERRY palette and I thought it would be nice to include two lip products I picked up ( just because I didn’t want to do yet another Primark post next time.
You guys know how much I love budget friendly makeup and I’m so happy Primark is excelling itself at the moment in this department.
I’m going to talk about the palette first because that’s why we are all here and a couple of people have messaged me asking if it’s worth buying and the swatches, where as no one has mentioned the lip products at all.
I do seem to have a little collection going on with these type of palettes and I thought I had done two review posts of them in the past. It turns out I have only done the one about the Amber palette. So I don’t know what happened to the Urban palette review, I have only touched on it in my Primark Derby Haul but we all know the palette is good, right !!! I have linked the Amber one below as I remembered to blog about that one..

The other two palettes in the collection ( URBAN & AMBER) 
Anyway on with the BERRY one.
Just like the other two palettes the packaging is very simple cardboard which I kind of like but again like I have said before it lacks a mirror and a brush. With it being so lightweight it does make it good for travel but I do miss the brush and at £4 you can’t really expect much so I will let them off. The shades are just my cup of tea and every one of them is a wearable colour. I love the fact how they are all named which I know isn’t really important but it’s the little bit of detail that makes me happy.
My stand out shades are Mulberry, Tranquil and Salem.
Shades from top to bottom Salem, Amethyst, Tranquil, Mulberry, Persian Rose, Innocence,Orchid, Tulip, Dusted and Marshmallow.
The shades certainly compliment each other and each one could be worn alone or together depending on what type of look you want to go for.
Primark can’t do a thing wrong with these palettes and their makeup in general at the moment and that brings me into the two lip products I have in my collection.
I love it how Primark do little collections within the PS brand and one of the lipsticks I have is from the NUDE range and the other lip product is from the new K-POP range.
Both ranges have lovely packaging and very instagramable ( is that even a word?) I did only pick up two lip products from both the ranges even though if money was no object I would have loved to pick up me.
 Top swatch is K-Pop Pillow talk
Bottom swatch Nude lipstick

The NUDE lipstick £1.50 is definitely my favourite out of the two. I’m not sure if they have names at all as I can’t find a name on the product. In my local Primark they had only two shades in the collection this one or a very light one, so I went for this one as the light one seemed a little bit too light for me.
First thing to mention here I love the packaging. Primark have taken inspiration from a Mac lipstick packaging. It smells nice as well, I would say like vanilla and has the same scent as the Primark Matte lipsticks I used to buy all the time. It has a matte finish and lasts for ages without flaking. I would say you could get a full 6 hours wear out of this and it’s definitely better than some higher end priced lip products I have tried. I have stocked up and have 3 now in my collection and I would go as far as to say it’s my go too Lipstick at the moment.

******* this is an extra bit I’ve popped in after I’ve posted this post. The nude lipsticks do tend to break off if you twist them up too far. I’ve had this happen to me in the space of two days. It’s a little bit annoying but if you are warned you can be super gentle when using the product. It might be me having a dodgy batch but I still love the lipstick as a product but you do just have to be careful with them.*********

The K-POP PILLOW TALK lip cushion £2 in the shade HONEY BUN ( such a cute name) is not one of my favourites. I did so much want to love this product. Don’t get me wrong here I completely love the colour and it does have long staying power but it’s not Matte. Now it does say Matte on the product so I haven’t made a mistake. When I first applied it I thought I had picked up the wrong one. I was expecting it to set but it doesn’t and feels a little bit sticky. On the plus side
It does contain Vitamin E  and it does lasts quite a while.  I love the novelty of it been a lip cushion as I’ve only ever used a concealer with this sponge format before but that’s where my love for the product ends and I wouldn’t purchase another one.

Nude lipstick on lips ( sorry for the picture quality and my face)
K-Pop ( notice I’m not as happy but again sorry for the quality and my face)
If you have tried any of these products I would love to know what you think.. have you tried the new K-POP range? Is there any stand out products you think I would love in either of the ranges. Any recommendations please leave comments below or private message me as sometimes the comments box doesn’t work especially with Wordpress accounts.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. love the shades of the lipsticks X

    1. I tend to go for simular shades to each other. I should be abit more daring!!!!! Thank you for commenting X