April 29, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Well you can never have too much makeup can you. I think that must be my life motto!!!! So yesterday I went on a big shopping spree in Primark ( there will be a haul to come). While I going past a SUPERDRUG I thought I would pop in to check out the shiny new REVOLUTION PRO stand I’ve been hearing so much about. ( it would have been rude not to really wouldn’t it).
Now in my defence the makeup was on 3 for 2 so my little stash of goodies didn’t cost as much as it looks as I know I keep saying I’m trying to save money and it doesn’t seem like I’m trying very hard, but I am really!!!!’
 Anyway on with the REVOLUTION PRO range...
The range is bought to us by TAM BEAUTY. You know, the ones who bring to you MAKEUP REVOLUTION, I HEART MAKEUP, MAKEUP OBSESSION ETC. and I’m comparing it to the big sister of the original Revolution. 
Everything seems to be packaged really nicely and definitely looks more expensive than it is. Talking about the cost. It’s a little bit dearer than the original Revolution and I will go though the prices one by one as I get to the products.
Please note these are my first impressions on the products, even though I have tried the foundation before. I did buy the wrong shade in the foundation so I kinda know what the formula is like and the coverage but everything else is my first impressions just from wearing today. I probably do need to give the products  a proper try before a full review but I’m excited to try this range hence the first impressions post.
First with my favourite item of all. It’s the
REVOLUTION PRO SUPREME  EYESHADOW PALETTE INTOXICATE £6. These colours are amazing and up there with normal Revolution eyeshadow products. The colours are really vibrant and the pigmentation is amazing and they are very long lasting with no fallout.  I love the size of the palette as this one is smaller than your average from Revolution but it’s a better fit for your makeup bag. Priced at £6 is it a little bit more expensive than you would expect but it’s still amazing value. The swatches don’t do this palette justice and there is no names of the shades but every colour is very wearable so definitely worth picking one up if you can.



This stuff is amazing. Infact I’m really into these white translucent setting powders at the moment after first trying the one from Rimmel and loving it. I love the packaging as it’s a proper compact and even has a mirror in the lid. These are the type of makeup products I love to have in my handbag for during the day touch ups. Many brands don’t include a mirror in their compacts and it just makes it so much easier for on the go. My only downside with this product is it doesn’t come with a sponge. I think it does look better applied with a brush but for in the day shiny touch ups I have included a little puff sponge for my handbag as it does make it easier.

Well what can I say about these liquid lipsticks, they are amazing. I bought two from the range and am completely obsessed with one of the shades. The shade PRETENCE  is such a beautiful shade and is definitely my favourite out of the two. The other shade I picked up was ILLUSION. This shade is nice but I don’t think I will wear it as often as the other one as it’s a little bit orangey. I’ve swatched then below so you can check out the shades for yourself. Even though I do like the packaging as it’s quite luxurious but it’s abit on the big and bulky side for the amount of product inside. The wand is comfortable to use and at £4 it’s amazing value. The product lasts a full morning and you can even have a cuppa and it doesn’t fade. One thing to point out is it takes a few minutes to set and when I first applied it  I was worried it wouldn’t set to a matte finish, but trust me it does and it lasts for ages.

A few weeks back I bought this foundation in a lighter shade F2 but I didn’t do a review on it as it was way too light so I decided to pick up a darker shade before writing about it.
They didn’t have an F3 or I would have probably have gone for that shade but I went for F4.
I completely love the packaging of this as it reminds me of the Loreal Infallible foundation which I used to love. I thought it would be a simular formula as well. It’s not! The formula of this is a lot wetter and even though I thought the coverage was good with both shades it doesn’t leave your skin as matte as I would have liked it to have done. Even with a powder over the top somehow it still not the finish I enjoy.
I’m going to keep trying and maybe mix it with a matte foundation or a matte primer to try and make it work as I did really like the coverage.

Now the eagle eyed ones amongst you will notice I only have 5 products from the range when I originally said I had bought them in a 3 for 2 and you would be right. My other item was the I HEART MAKEUP UNICORN HIGHLIGHTER £4.99 because well you know it was there and it looked really pretty. I have done reviews about how good these highlighters are in the past so will leave you the link below just in case you fancy a little read.
click here for review
Last thing I want to say  is thank you for stopping by. Your support means everything to me and if you have tried any of the products I would love to hear what you think.
Have a good week and take care.
Until next time
Love and Kisses
Jue X

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