April 26, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all well and having a great week and life is good.
Today I want to bring to you a post about some makeup brushes and eye patches I was kindly gifted by Tosave
Now I’m not going to lie I had never heard of the company before so I had a little look on their website and was surprised with the products they have for sale.
They literally sell everything, but you know what I’m like it’s the beauty department that fills my heart with happiness.
The first item I was especially excited to receive was a set of 10 mermaid tail makeup brushes. I have been seeing these type of brushes everywhere but never got around to pick up a set for myself.
These brushes are so pretty and would look good on any dressing table. The set contains 10 makeup brushes and I swear there is a brush for every single eye look imaginable. My favourite being the domed shadow brush which has fast become my new favourite eyeshadow brush. The set also includes a small fan brush, small foundation and contour brush.

The set of brushes costs £3.84 which I think is such a good price for these types of brushes as I have seen them selling for a lot more elsewhere. The bristles on all the brushes are really soft as well and are really lovely to use or have on display if you’re anything like me.
 I will leave you a link below if you fancy checking them out.
Mermaid brushes

The next brush I fancied giving a try was Pro-Kabuki face brush. This brush looks very similar to a more expensive brush at a fraction of the price.
It’s a multi functional brush and can be used for Powder, Blush and Contour so it’s definitely worth having one in your makeup bag.
The brush costs £1.72 and is available in 3 different shades. I love the rose gold one I have but if your not a fan of rose gold you can choose silver or gold.
The brush feels really nice quality with very soft bristles and I would say it’s just as good as a more expensive brush. I used mine for my setting powder after my foundation and I think it would be brilliant for a bronzer as well.
I will leave you the link below just in case you fancy checking this brush out as well.
Pro-Kabuki-Face Brush

The last item I want to talk about that, I was kindly sent is the product I am most excited about.
I use these kind of under eye masks all the time but I have never used any that promise Anti Wrinkle treatments before and yes I do suffer with a few wrinkles around my eyes but don’t tell anybody!
The ones I’ve used before are just for dark circles and tired eyes which if I’m honest I do tend to suffer from as well.
The price of these is amazing at £1.35 for 5 pairs which does seem a good price to me.
The idea of these is to pop them under your eyes for 30 mins and after this your eyes feel smoother with less wrinkles.
They sound very natural as well containing Mung Bean Mud which is a new ingredient to me. They do contain collagen like ones I have tried before so was expecting similar results.
Application is easy and after you have peeled off the plastic around the product they do cling to under your eyes. They are so easy to use and they do awaken your eyes and I have to admit even though the effects are temporary your eyes do feel really nice and brighter and smoother. I don’t know if the effects would be more permanent if used on a regular basis as I only have 5 but I will be interested to see what under my eyes will look like in the days to come. I’m going to leave the link below if you fancy giving them a try.
Mung Bean Mud Eye Stickers

If you fancy checking out any of the products, I’ve left all the links. As I’ve said the company aren’t based in the UK but they do ship worldwide and my package took about 2 -3 weeks to arrive with a tracking number as well so you aren’t waiting forever for your parcel.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post and if you have own any of the products I would love to know what you think.
Until next time
Jue X

*All items were kindly gifted

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