May 04, 2018

By Jue Douglas

I love this time of year when we are all getting excited for our holidays and of course doing our holiday shopping because yes we all need new things when it’s approaching warmer weather. Even if it’s for spending a lazy afternoon in the garden on a warm sunny day( this is my very favourite past time)  we need new clothes!!!
Well I’m not going to holiday till August but that hasn’t stopped me doing a little bit of holiday shopping already for a couple of reasons really. The first being Primarks summer range is amazing at the moment and you sort of have to get things in there when you see them otherwise it’s sold out the next time you go. The second being I’m so blimin excited I just want to pack my little pink suitcase.
This holiday haul spans over a few trips otherwise I don’t think I would have literally been able to carry all the things. Also I don’t have endless cash so I sort of have to wait till payday or when I’ve had a good week on EBay to have the available funds to spend. Even then it’s probably not as extravagant as I would like it to been but I’m happy. I love reading these type of posts so if you have been Primark shopping and have a haul remember to leave your links below so I can check out your blog and have a look at what everyone is buying.
Now on with the haul. First things first tops.
 I have bought a few. When I’m not at work I basically live in sweatshirts so in summer that changes to T shirts and Primark have some lovely ones in at the moment. Many are priced at £4 each which I think is pretty good value. Many I have to say were out of stock in my size in my local store but I did manage to find one that I had seen on the internet and liked.
I’m loving the slogan on white T Shirt “Perfectly Imperfect”. This was one of the £4 ones and I think it would look really nice with my 3/4 trousers I have also bought in this haul.
The grey one was £4 as well and I’m loving the French slogan tops that are around at the moment. I did French at school and still know a little bit otherwise I would have to google what the words ment before I wore them.

The basic vests in Primark are £2.50 which I think is such good value. I don’t normally wear vests at home as I do have body issues, but if I’m on my holidays then I would as no one knows me and  I generally stay by the pool in the day time while I’m wearing them. 
£2.50 is perfect for me as I don’t really want to spend a lot when I know I  will only be wearing them for  a week in August.
The same goes with the couple of pairs of shorts that I picked up. These were £6 each which I’m sure the same shorts were £5 last year. They are only the basic shorts but they do wear well. 
Of course while on holiday you need new  footwear and I picked up a few of pairs. The unicorn  ones are definitely my favourite. They were £5 and are sliders rather than flip flops and I’m a little bit obsessed with them.
 A couple of pairs of flip flops I wanted were some basic strippy ones for 90p and the Minnie Mouse ones were £2. ( Who doesn’t love abit of Disney) I probably only need one pair but what happens if I’m on holiday and my flip flops rub me!!
I’m loving the 3/4 length trousers trend that is around at the moment so I thought I would pick up a couple of pairs to add to my wardrobe.
The  plain black pair had been reduced to £1 which is a complete bargain. I do like the spotty pair as well and think they would look lovely with a slogan tee and Vans ( that’s the image I have in my head anyway).
Makeup wise you can’t go wrong with Primark and I did pick up a few goodies.I bought two liquid eyeliners for £1. I normally love these but Primark have added a plastic packaging and changed the brush which isn’t as good but the formula is amazing.
The mascara I bought is one I have talked about before. It costs £2.50 and is brilliant. It’s a thick brush with proper bristles and even though it’s not the best mascara it’s so good for the price and better than some dearer Mascaras that I have used in the past.
I love the little pots of nail polish that Primark sell and for 60p you can’t go wrong. This one is the perfect shade for summer and I might even pop abit of glitter over the top. ( you can’t go wrong with abit of glitter)
I have never used a Primark Primer before so fancied giving it a go. At £3 I’m happy to report it’s so good and I will definitely repurchase in the future.

The PS beauty blenders are a really good buy. You get a pack of 2 for £1.50. They aren’t as good as the Real Techniques ones but are a cheaper alternative if like me your cat likes playing with beauty blenders and if you’re not careful they are all ripped to pieces. ( that might just be me!!!) 
Now on to accessories. Now I used to wear rings all the time and as time as gone on I’ve sort of  got used to bare fingers so I thought it’s time to put that right so I bought a pack of 6 for £2.50. I love these type of rings but it’s such a shame that some won’t fit. It was the bottom one I really wanted and that fits perfectly.
Ive gone a little bit over the top with Scrunchies as I’ve bought 4. The sequin one was £2 and it will look lovely with the sun shining on it. Knowing what I’m like I will probably end up wearing the simple pack of 3 velvet plain ones which were £1.50 which I think is a bargain.
I’ve completely forgotten I did buy a foundation brush as well. This one was £2. I do love the Primark brushes but I’ve never tried a foundation brush before and I can’t wait to give this one a try and I will let you know what I think.
Yes I know I don’t need anymore sunglasses but I did buy 3 pairs and yes 2 pairs are very similar to each other and I have bought a couple of pairs in my last haul but you can never have two many pairs. 
I did fancy buying some new Tassle earrings. These red ones were £1.50 and even though I’ve got quite a few pairs but these red ones will really show up as sometimes darker shades get lost in my hair and you can’t really tell I’m wearing any earrings at all so I’m so excited to try a bright shade but don’t worry I won’t wear them with the pink sunglasses as they might clash.
The scarf is to go on a little bag I’ve ordered off eBay for my holidays which I will show you in a separate post as it hasn’t arrived yet and I’m going to do a whats in my holiday day bag post so that will be on its way in the next few weeks.
Lastly thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my endless rambles. It means a lot to know you are here. If you fancy leaving a comment please feel free to drop your links in the comments below.
Have a great week and stay safe.
Until next time.
Love and kisses
Jue X

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