May 10, 2018

By Jue Douglas

You guys know by now how much I love myself a Matte Liquid Lipstick and even though lip gloss is slowly making its return into the makeup world instead of mattes, I for one am not in any rush to ditch my browny nude mattes anytime soon.
I have probably tried most that are available but some products that are long lasting can be so blimmin uncomfortable to wear and while we do want our lip products to last a long time I prefer to have to reapply every few hours or so just to be comfortable.
I have done a review on the  RIMMEL LONDON STAY MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOUR £5.99 before which I will leave a link below just in case you missed it because I completely love them.

As the brand have released some new shades ( there are 14 shades available in total) I thought I would tell you about two of the shades that have fast become my new favourites and show you what they are like to wear, so you guys can kind of see if they are worth buying. The new shades are based on more darker neutral brown shades which I love. If it was up to me I would buy one of every colour but I do have holidays, boilers and Primark shopping commitments to pay for so I just bought my favourite two out of the new shades that I don’t already have in my collection.
Now they do retail at £5.99 each which is such a fair price for a lip product I think but SUPERDRUG have an offer on at the moment where it’s any Rimmel makeup item for 2 for £10 which works out such good value. Especially if  you fancy buying a foundation as well that retails at £8.29. I went for the two lip products which probably isn’t making the most of the deal but I really didn’t need anything else from the brand at the moment. I will leave the Superdrug link as well before I start.

The two shades I fancied giving a try were; 731 SCANDALOUS and 723 TROUBLEMAKER.
Now these two shades do look very similar ( as do most of my liquid lip products) but not on application not so much as one is more red toned and the other is more pink toned.
The packaging is the same as the others in the range which is lightweight, simple and nothing fancy which is definitely my favourite kind of packaging. It has a nice applicator which isn’t really shaped but is comfortable to use. I love the fact that these are super creamy to apply and set really quickly. They spread evenly, not patchy and feel so comfortable. Once set they don’t really budge.
Both wear really well and I would say you can get a good four hours out of them without a touch up. ( They do last longer if you don’t eat and drink but you do kinda have to do that throughout the day!) Even after the four hours it’s really easy to top up unlike other matte lip products where when it’s fading a little you literally have to take the left over product off your lips to re apply it again. This re applies over the top of the faded product and it still feels nice on your lips ( notice I didn’t use the word “comfortable” again!!!!)
The formula is definitely my favourite of all the drugstore matte liquid lips that I have tried as even though it doesn’t last as long as other products. It’s so comfortable and I think for £5.99 I’m happy with the 4 hours wear rather than have a longer lasting all day product that you can’t wait to take off at the end of the day. ( trust me that has happened).
(Sorry about the lighting in both the pictures)
Out of the two I definitely prefer Scandalous but that’s just me and my choice of shades. 
If you have tried these lip products I would love to know what you think. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and i will be back next week with a Holiday Prep post that I’m so excited to write.
Have a great week and stay safe. Until next time.
Jue X 

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