June 14, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

Hi again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Today I want to bring to you a little review of a new sheet mask that I’ve been trying.
The Garnier masks have always been a favourite of mine with the original blue moisture one being up there as my favourite face mask of all time. So every time I find a new one I just have to give it a go.
I have done a review on a previous version of a Camomile Garnier mask on here before which I will link below just in case you missed it.
But I must admit this mask does seem more suited to me and my troubled skin.
First of all let’s look at the ingredients. Well it contains Charcoal. This is probably one of my favourite ingredients for a face mask as it’s known for its absorbing properties. If a face mask contains Charcoal I know I’m instantly going to love it. It also contains LGS and Hyaluronic Acid.
I do find Hyaluronic Acid does help my skin as well so it’s all good so far. All this and a Black Algae Extract and I know I’m going to love it.
This mask promises to Purify, hydrate and tighten pores. This to me sounds like the perfect mask for me. I do suffer with open pores and if I don’t use a good makeup primer I find my foundation clings to them making them even more obvious. The fact it says Enlarged Pores on the front of the packaging was one of the main reasons for me trying it in the first place.

With this being a sheet mask it’s not messy at all. I do love a sheet mask for this reason as some of the cream based ones can be really tricky to remove. ( please don’t tell me I’m not the only one who gets it stuck in my hairline or when I pull a use a peel off mask half my eyebrows come away with it aswell)
The downside to this is you can only use it once. ( sometimes with the cream masks I can get a couple of uses out of  a little packet) So it can work out a little bit pricey for that reason.
It’s really easy to apply and it gives instructions on the packaging if you get stuck (the first one I ever did I forgot to remove the blue bit off the front of the mask)
Anyway this mask isn’t white like the other ones I’ve tried, it’s black which does go with the Charcoal ingredient. It’s also different as it doesn’t have a separate piece you have to peel off like the other ones I’ve tried you just pop it on your face straight away. This makes it easier to use.
The idea is pretty much the same as all the other masks in the range. You leave it one for 15 mins and then after you see the magic work.
The first thing I found with this is it’s really cold. Infact it was uncomfortably cold when first applied. I can’t remember any of the other masks being this cold but maybe they are and I’ve just forgotten. It was really wet as well and didn’t dry out at all which is a good thing as I find some masks do dry out in your face as you are wearing them.
I left mine on for about 20 mins. I do always leave them on longer than the time it says for a few reasons really. The main one is with it being a single use mask I want to get my moneys worth, the benefits might be better if I leave it on longer and the third reason is I want to be abit rebellious!!! Ok maybe the third reason doesn’t count!!!!
Anyway after 20 mins I took the mask off and rubbed the rest of the moisture from the mask onto my face and left it.
To be honest I didn’t think it had done anything with my pores at first  but I did love the way it reduced my fine wrinkles around my eyes. But I thought my pores still looked enlarged and even though my skin felt nice to the touch it was the tightening of my pores I really wanted from the product.
It was the next day I noticed a difference. My makeup went on really nicely and didn’t settle into anything. This was without a primer as well so I was very impressed. My skin also looked clear and the odd stress related spot that I sometimes get completely vanished overnight.
These masks can do no wrong in my eyes. They are affordable and do magic things. I would rate it better than some more expensive brands and I can’t wait to buy another one soon.
If you have used any of these masks I would love to know what your view is.
Do you love them as much as me?
Before I go I just want to say “thank you” so much for sticking with me as I haven’t been active with my blog posts in this month. It will be business as usual from now on.
Love and Kisses
Jue X

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