June 23, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again you lovely lot thank you for stopping by. I hope you’re having a lovely week and life is treating you kindly.
Well last week after getting a little bit over excited trying and loving the new SOPHX palette I did say I was going to do a little write up about the lipsticks that are new in the range. So as promised here it is.
I ordered two of the threee lipsticks in the collection after seeing the shades online. The SOPHX lipsticks are priced at £4 which isn’t bad for the products as that’s normally the price I would want to pay for a lip product.
All three of the shades are definitely my cup of tea, ie they are browny nudes. What I didn’t realise was they aren’t Matte!!!! I really wish they were. They would be perfect if they were matte. I think I just assumed they would be and didn’t do my research properly. And where as I know a matte lip isn’t as popular as it once was I still do love to rock a matte lipstick ( I say “Rock” obviously I mean wear! Rock just makes me sound a little bit more interesting than I am)

Anyway the shade colours are SYRUP, FUDGE and CAKE. I do love when brands are named after yummy food especially the name Fudge as I used to have a cat called Fudge ( what that has to do with this I will never know, but that was the reason I picked up  that shade out of the three!)
It’s so hard to pick a lip product just from the pictures online as they aren’t really a true colour match but I think the shades I picked up weren’t too off the mark.
The packaging is super cute and Revolution have excelled themselves yet again on their lipstick bullets ( is it a bullet or a tube? Let’s go with bullet here, but you know I’m meaning the packaging don’t you!)
Anyway I do love the shape of the lip products from Revolution. These are similar shape packaging to a Mac lipstick where as previous ones have been similar packaging to a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick.
These are completely the same formula as the Charlotte Tilbury style packaging ones. I’m thinking they are from the Renaissance collection but I’m not 100% sure. These are also ones from Revolution that if they were matte they would be amazing.
 I do love how they also have the little Sophx logo embossed into the actual lipstick. This to me is super cute and I love it when brands do this to their products. It’s just that little bit of extra that makes the product feel special ( that might be me just thinking that be go with me on this won’t you!)
The lipstick goes on super creamy and feels really comfortable
 to wear. The shades are beautiful and if you dab a little translucent powder over the top with a little brush or your finger you can get a more muted matte shade. ( I find the GOSH PRIME’N SET SETTING POWDER perfect for this). This can be abit time consuming but it does make the product last longer on your lips.
Without all the “making it matte” fuss, if you just want to use it normally, I would say you can get about 2-3 hours wear out of it. It does wear off with a drink but I find this would be the same with many lipsticks that aren’t matte whatever the cost of the product.
I have found swatches online of all 3 lipsticks and done swatches myself of the two that I have bought.

I probably would have bought the third one that I didn’t have (Cake) if it had been a matte product but even though I know I love the shade I wouldn’t probably get the wear out of it.
All in all it’s a good cheaper lipstick in great packaging and I would definitely recommend if you’re not as boring as me.
If you fancy trying these lipsticks they are on 3 for 2 at SUPERDRUG at the moment so you can buy all three for £8 which to me is an absolute bargain. You can mix and match as well so what’s not to love.

I will be back next week with my JUNE FAVOURITES post! ( yes it’s that time again!)
Until next time
Love and Kisses
Jue X

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  1. These lipsticks are excellent but I agree with you that they should be matte

    1. They would be perfect wouldn’t they!!! X

  2. Best lipsticks everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!