June 30, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again everyone and yes it’s that end of the month time again. This is the time of the month I love to share with you what I’ve been loving. Is it just me or has this month seemed to have dragged on forever. I feel like it’s been June for a really long time.
As I’m writing this the weather is beautiful and the UK is in the middle of a heatwave which I have to admit I am loving!  I love nothing better than writing blog posts while sitting in my garden and yes I’m doing that just now!
Anyway this month I have bought a few new things but some of the old favourites have made it into the mix aswell. So sit back grab a cuppa ( or a drink with cute ice cubes in)  and a Jaffa cake ( or a nobberly bobbly)  and find out what I’ve been loving in the month of June.
I’m first going to start off with a makeup palette. This is my very favourite new item I’ve bought! It’s going to come as no surprise and I’m sure you guys would be more surprised if it didn’t make it as a monthly favourite it’s the SOPHX REVOLUTION EXTRA SPICE PALETTE £10. I bought this a couple of weeks ago and completely love it. I did a first impressions of this palette and I now love it even more than I did then!! ( is that possible?) I do love the original one as well but that palette is in such a mess ( I haven’t really looked after it!) I might repurchase that one as well on a good week as I can’t seem to clean up the packaging. Hopefully I can look after this one a little bit better.
Another makeup item I have been loving is the PS MY PERFECT COLOUR FOUNDATION £5. This is the foundation that everyone says is a dupe for the Estée Lauder double wear. I have done a review in a past post and even though I would say the formula isn’t quite the same as the double wear. The finish and the longevity of the products are very similar. It’s really hard to find in my local Primark store so I sort of grab it when I can and love it so much.
Now I know I’ve talked about this powder before and it’s the GOSH PRIME N’ SET POWDER £12. This powder is amazing and I have had this for ages now ( I think since Easter!) and I’m not even half way though the jar yet. You only need the smallest of bits on a little brush and honestly it gives off the best finish. It’s even on 3 for 2 in SUPERDRUG at the moment hence why I wanted to give it another mention.
My last makeup item is a luxury product and not budget!!!! No I haven’t gone up in the world. I was actually given this by a friend last year! ( I have very good friends! and yes she does read my blog!!) Yes I know makeup has a shelf life but this bronzer is £22 if I was to buy another one. With this in mind I tend to use this very sparingly. ( on special occasions!! Which to me is shopping trips and meals out!!) So I don’t care if it’s a year old I haven’t even hit pan yet and I really enjoy using it. You can sort of tell the box is getting abit tatty and I would probably judge me as well for using old makeup. This week I have been off from work and found I have been reaching for this everyday so really wanted to give it a mention. You can buy smaller travel sized versions of this for £12 and sometimes Boots have them on a 3 for 2 offer on the minis so you can really make it be budget friendly or just save up your Boots points if you really want to. It’s the same as before a little does go a long way so I’m guessing a mini version would last me over a year as well. ( and if it didn’t I would make it last!)
Now onto skincare and I can’t only apologise for the amount of skincare I have as favourites this month. Without repeating myself from last month I have been loving the B Spritz Vitamin Spray £7.99. This was actually a gifted item but that doesn’t mean I have to say I like it. You guys know I’m always honest ( abit too honest as last week I turned down £60 from a company to say I loved a perfume when I’d never tried it or could ever even try it as they don’t sell it in this country. Rethinking I might have been seen as being stupid but at least I’m true to myself.)
Anyway back onto skincare and the B Vitamin spray is so nice and makes your skin super soft. I  really think it gives you a little wake me up in a morning. ( that might be the shock of any cold liquid on your face but go with me on this won’t you!)
Another favourite of mine is also from Superdrug. I completely love this range and think you are never too young ( or old) to care about your skin and wrinkles. It’s the SUPERDRUG OPTIMUM PHYTOFREEZE INSTANT ANTI-WRINKLE FACE AND NECK CREAM. This stuff is amazing.. I used this especially for my neck and love how quickly it soaks in. I really dislike how some creams can just make you feel like a sticky mess and this one definitely doesn’t.
Another thing I have been really enjoying is the SKINKISSED SERUM. This was another gifted item but the results are amazing so I wanted to pop in into the favourites. I will leave the link below just in case you fancy reading the review I did a while back.
A product I have never spoken about or used before is the NIVIA GOODBYE CELLULITE GEL CREAM. This cost me £1.09 which is a complete bargain! ( I’m not sure if you can still grab a few floating around in Superdrug but if not similar products are available from the brand.
While I’m not sure it’s doing anything to firm my skin ( I bought it for my tummy mostly) it soaks in beautifully and makes your skin feel super nice.
A shower foam I’ve been loving at the moment is the FOAM BURST UNICORN MARSHMALLOW. £1.49 This to me is perfect. It starts of pink and then turns to foam on your skin. Now I’m not going to lie I totally bought this because of the unicorn theme but it’s become my new favourite thing to use and smells wonderful.
Older followers to my blog will know how much I love Skinny Dip phone cases. It’s sort of a tradition that I always have to buy a new one when I have a new phone. I recently bought a phone from Envirofone so I thought it was only fitting to buy it a new case. My old phone had a few issues with the side button not working hence my need to buy a new one. Envirofone is brilliant for buying refurbished phones and even though they are not new my new one came without a mark to it. It’s definitely worth thinking about if like me you have a sim only deal and have to buy your phones out right instead of a contract. The case I picked up from Skinny Dip is super cute and was in the sale for £6!! It has really cute little shooting stars on and what’s not to like about a little glittery star on your phone.
Well it’s going to be no secret that I’m currently hooked on LOVE ISLAND. Me and most of the UK at the moment. Where as I don’t think the series is as good as last years YET!!! I’m really enjoying it and it has to be the best show on TV at the moment.
Now onto Music. I do love abit of music and since my place of work has installed a Radio I’ve been really enjoying some old favourites. I find myself going home singing Girls Aloud when I never even liked the songs back in the day. For me I think it’s the memories of the stage in my life when they released them rather than the songs themselves. So if you need anyone who knows all the words to Girls Aloud, or Ed Sheeran I’m your girl. I’m totally digging the JASON DERULO THE OTHER SIDE at the moment. I’m only 5 years too late to the party with that song but hey who cares, if you like it listen to it!!!! !
Onto the last favourite!  It’s this beautiful weather! I can’t believe it’s a barmy 28 degrees. It just shows what a difference a week can make and it was raining 10 days ago. I’m definitely a sun worshiper and never want this weather to end! Knowing my luck by the time I post this it will be raining again and we will have done a full circle but for now it’s lovely!!!!!
I can’t wait to see what I’ll be loving next month. Hopefully I have some new bits to share with you!
Until next time
Love and Sunshine
Jue X

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