July 24, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

Hi again and thank you for stopping by. I hope you’re having a great week so far and life is treating you kindly.
So we’ve all been there. When our hair is basically a Knotted, Frizzy mess  and we can’t do anything with it. ( please tell me it’s not just me here!!).
Longer hair can look lovely but in the summer months it can turn into abit of a nightmare.
Using a hairbrush shouldn’t mean losing half your hair just to get out the knots and if you’re anything like me that’s usually the case as my hairbrush ends up with half my head of hair in it.
When the lovely people at HAIR SECRETZ ask me to try one of their JOJO 2 IN 1 DETANGLER STYLING BRUSH, How could I say no!
JO-JO SIWA is a popular reality television star (Dance Moms) You Tuber and regular bow wearer ( they sell the bows in Claire’s) who has put her name and style to this hair product making it super cute and child friendly. I love how it’s aimed at children as I for one know how much it’s a chore getting younger ones to brush their hair. The brush does come in many different designs but it’s all Colours, Hearts and Bows with something for everyone, so what’s not to love.

And it’s not just for children. Anyone who knows me will know how unruly my hair can be. Especially as I’m growing it out at the moment it can be abit of a task getting rid of the knots. Not forgetting it can hurt abit as well.
After the initial over excitement of how cute this brush is when you take it out of the packaging it also becomes apparent how easy it is to use. The shape of it is perfect. It feels so comfortable to use for even small hands.
The brush can be used on wet or dry hair. I love this factor as some brushes when used on wet hair can damage your hair, you know when bits break off ( please tell me that’s not just me). I have been using this brush in the shower to brush my conditioner though my hair and it’s perfect.
The brush itself dries really quickly so straight away after your hair has dried you can use it again to remove any tangles that your hairdryer might of made on dry hair without wetting it again.
It makes your hair feel super soft as well.
Now for the most exciting bit. The brush is double sided and this to me is amazing. I have never used a double sized brush before and it makes using it such a dream.
One side, I used for wet hair as it’s easier to get knots and tangles out and the other side for when it’s dried as the side with the bobbles on the end makes the brush so comfortable to use.
The fact the whole side comes away from the brush makes it so easy to clean as well which is a big factor for me. ( Not that I have dirty hair but I do dye my hair quite often and sometimes dye or root touch up does transfer to the brush!!!) So cleaning brushes it a very important factor for me.
Another fantastic factor about this brush is you can keep bobbles or hair grips under the bristles which is excellent as we’ve all been there when we simply just can’t find a bobble or need a grip to pop our grown out fringes out of our faces.
It’s definitely a holiday must have and is the perfect size to pack in your suitcase or a handbag.
If you fancy getting hold of one of these brushes for yourself they are available from Amazon and I can leave you the link below.


The brush retails at £7.99 and yes I know you can get cheaper detangling brushes and you can buy dearer ones but I can honestly say this is the least painful one I’ve ever used and it’s well worth it’s weight in gold.

If you buy one I would love to hear your thoughts about it.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. All your love and support means such a lot.
Until next time
Love & Sunshine
Jue X

*** gifted item

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  1. Do the brushes come in any others colours?

    1. Thank you so much for commenting.... Yes they do!! If you purchase from Amazon ( the link is in the post) you can choose which ever colour you would like. They all have a “JoJo” theme and are so super cute!! X