July 14, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

So by now you guys know how much I love REVOLUTION makeup. In fact it’s one of my favourite brands in the whole wide world.
I love the products and the packaging and thought it would be perfect to write this weeks post about which products are worth there weight in gold and a few that I don’t think I would repurchase anytime soon.
Firstly I want to point out these are from the original REVOLUTION range, the REVOLUTION PRO and the I HEART REVOLUTION ( I heart makeup) ranges. I thought I might as well pop them all into one post!
Now I could go on for ages about the favourite products on my little list. I found it really hard to narrow down my selection so I’ve found a few products that I love and popped them into little sections. So without further ado grab a glass of juice and a fab lolly and on with the post!
The first set of items are my favourite products that in my opinion are the items Revolution excel themselves with! Eyeshadow palettes. Ranging in price you can pick up a really nice palette from as little as £4. The colour pay off I think is slightly better with the matte shades but I’ve never bought a palette I haven’t enjoyed using! I especially love the SOPHX Palettes £10 each and I have to say they are my favourite.
Another product Revolution are rocking at the moment is Highlighters. I do have my favourite shades and palettes and they do vary in price. ( The ones I have vary from £3.50 to £8). The highlighter,contour and blush palette is such good value at £3.50 and is small enough to carry around with you on a day to day basis. The SOPHX highlighter £8 again is another one of my favourites even though I don’t use all of the shades.
Brows are another thing the brand do so well. If you need a brow pencil or a brow tint the brand have you covered.
The BROW TINT £6 is brilliant and is very similar to the MAYBELLINE one that is double in price. It’s so easy to use and the tint lasts I would say about 3 days. I do love a good mechanical brow pencil and the one I have is £2.50. I would say the thinner PRO MICRO PENCIL £4 is a little bit better than the original but really that’s only because it’s thinner and you can work better with it for a finer line.( I couldn’t find mine in time for the photo)
The best Setting spray I have used in a long time is the SPORT FIX £6. Now the people who know me will know I’m not a sporty person but I want my makeup to last. Especially as it’s been hot in the UK the last couple of weeks or so. This stuff is amazing. Your makeup lasts all day and it’s drys quickly as well. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that it smells a little bit chemically. But I really don’t mind about that and it doesn’t put me off this product at all as once the product has been sprayed the smell goes.
Regular readers to my blog will know my love for the CONCEAL AND DEFINE CONCEALER £4. I have a few of these and swear they cover most blemishes. They are reasonably priced but the downside again is they don’t last very long.( I don’t mean on your face I mean in the tube!)
This amazes me as the tube packaging is quite chunky and it does make the product look like it contains more. That said I still love it and I will always have some in my little makeup bag.

The last thing that I’m loving are the lip products. The REVOLUTION PRO LIQUID LIPSTICK £5 is probably one of the best liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried. It’s so comfortable to wear and lasts such a long time as well. It wears away evenly as well after I would say 6 hours. I just love the shade of the one I have even though I can’t tell you what it is as the only place it was written on was a little sticker barcode which I peeled off.
The other lipstick I love is a RENAISSANCE LIPSTICK £4. These aren’t matte but I love the packaging as it does remind me of a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I would definitely repurchase as they do a great range of my kind of shades which are browny nudes.
Now you know I would never describe anything by REVOLUTION as “worst” but it sort of looked better in the title than saying things that I wouldn’t buy again. This is kind of what I feel about these products. I have liked them, in the past when I first used them but not so much now. That’s not to say they aren’t good products they just don’t suit my skin tone or my skin in general at the moment so it would feel pointless to buy them again.
The first thing is the FOUNDATION STICKS £5 I was super excited when these were released and I thought they would be great for touch ups during the day and perfect to carry around for on the go. I have heard so many great things about them and even wrote a first impressions post myself. I picked up a few in different shades and I was impressed with them at first. Sadly my love didn’t last long especially in the warmer weather they don’t seem to perform at all. ( I have combination skin).  I found they slip off your face a little and dry out in the packaging making them really hard to apply. They are also very waxy and I find instead of looking beautiful and dewy I just end up looking greasy and a sweaty mess.( not a good look in my opinion!!!) So they’ve gone back into my little drawer until maybe the colder winter months.
Another item I’ve popped back into my drawer is the SETTING SPRAY £5.  Now don’t get me wrong this does the job even in the warm summer months but it takes such a long time to “set” your makeup. By that I mean dry onto your face. You’re got time to make a couple of tea and watch a episode of Love Island for how long it takes to fully dry. It’s such a shame because the SPORT FIX that is the same price is what I feel this one should be like.

The last two items I don’t really get on with are from the I HEART REVOLUTION ( I HEART MAKEUP) range. This range I think is aimed probably for younger people than myself, but I always think age shouldn’t hold you back, I like cute pretty things and yes I will buy them. The UNICORN HIGHLIGHTER £5 is so cute and the colour payoff is so pretty I just think the shades don’t suit my skin tone. I think I’m a less is more kind of highlighter person and this is more is more highlighter and do prefer natural shades. Like browns and pink. I end up looking like a disco ball with any other shades. Don’t get me wrong I completely love the packaging but it gets so messy being cardboard especially in my makeup bag and I don’t think I would repurchase.
The last item is a lipstick and it was £3 so not too much to waste. I completely only bought it for the pink packaging and even though it’s a nice nude shade it isn’t matte and doesn’t last very long on your lips. So packaging aside I probably wouldn’t buy another one. That said you guys know what I’m like by now!!!!!
Have I missed out anything?
What’s your favourite/worst Revolution product?
Until next time
Love and plenty of sunshine!
Jue X

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  1. Thank you and congrats for your review, I loved it. I'm planning to buy some products from Makeup Revolution and you helped a lot! xoxo

    1. Aww Thank you.. Let me know what you buy X