August 14, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again and thank you for stopping by. I seems like ages since I last did a post. I hope you have all been well and enjoying the beautiful Summer we have been having. I have been in my element these last few months, as regular readers will know that I’m definitely a summer person!!! and I am a little sad that next month is September meaning Autumn is on its way. Anyway not to worry a new season means new clothes and more exciting blog posts for me to write.
Before I begin please bear with me while I’m writing this as I’m a tiny bit unwell. I’ve had a poorly tummy for a couple of days now and writing this is taking my mind off me being ill, if you get what I mean!
Today I really wanted to share with you a new Highlighting Palette from the brand SLEEK MAKEUP that I have recently purchased and love. I have been wanting to get this for a while now and am really late to the party here.
I have seen many bloggers using the Highlighting Palette and I have to admit made me feel I was missing out on a good budget beauty product!  It also has won a beauty award in 2017 so it’s got to be good! So when I saw a shiny new stand in my local store and there it was shouting my name, I thought I would pick one up.
I have never really used any base products from the Sleek brand before only the lip creams which I was gifted and did enjoy at the time but never repurchase.
I did write a little back story about the brand when I reviewed the Lip Creams which I will leave a link to below if you fancy. Plus some swatches to the Lip Creams!
The palette itself is £9.99. This to me is quite expensive to what I would usually pay. They do have a few available all at the same price with different names. The one that caught my eye was the Cleopatra’s Kiss as the shades were the prettiest and I thought they would suit my skin tone more.
Now you know I’m not one to miss an offer! There was a buy one get one half price across the Sleek range so I picked up a Foundation as well. ( I will review the foundation in a later post if you guys would like one).

It comes in a little box which doesn’t do the lovely product inside justice. Usually the packaging can be more exciting than the product itself. This is not one of those products. The packaging shows a guide to what the colours are meant to be but it’s still worth trying out the testers.  The product itself comes in a gold compact. The compact does feel a little bit light weight and plastic but it looks beautiful.
There is also a little mirror in the lid which you do expect for £9.99 as well as a little brush which isn’t really that useful as it’s a-little bit teeny tiny,  but great for traveling. In fact the whole palette is compact and a great size for any makeup bag or handbag.
The palette consists of four colours. two powders and two creams. I have read that the four shades do have names but I couldn’t find anything on the box or product packaging to prove this. Whether Sleek have decided to remove the names or I have missed them I don’t know.
The colours are very versatile to most skin tones and I love the fact they are natural skin shades and not frightening purples or blues!
Now I’m not going to lie when I first bought this palette I was thinking that I would probably only use the powder ones as normally I have to admit I take a big dislike to cream highlighter. Because I normally do my highlight at the end after my foundation has set and I find a cream would wipe off any makeup that I had applied in the first place. Not this one! You can completely finish off your whole face and think to yourself “hey I have forgot highlight” and apply it for a great finish. That to me is worth a lot. You can also top up during the day as well without ruining you whole makeup look. Infact I have been finding myself picking up the creams rather than the powder.
I love the fact that you can use your finger to apply the cream by dotting it in the places you want Highlighting and it’s that easy. You don’t need any fancy tools. I also found the little brush that the palette does come with is very useful after all!!!!  After you have used the creams you can go over the area with the powder so an extra pop of highlighter.
The shades as I’ve said are very versatile. The two bronzes ones at the top of the palette have to be my very favourite as that’s the colour of highlighter I do usually go for. I think it would look perfect with a tan so perfect for summer.
The bottom left hand cream shade shows up really nicely on the skin and I would definitely use this for a everyday glow.
The right hand bottom pink powder shade is probably the one that I would go to last which surprises me. Not that it’s a bad shade it’s just the other three are nicer.
It’s also probably worth pointing out that this palette can be used on the body as well as the face. It’s not something I would do as I like to draw as little attention to my body as I can but I think it would look perfect with an offer the shoulder dress on a summers evening. I do think you would need a large bronzing brush to achieve this look though.
This palette gets a big thumbs up from me and I will definitely repurchase another highlighter from the range again as it’s one of the best I’ve used.
If you have used this I would love to hear from you.
Until next time
Love and hopefully feeling a little bit better tomorrow!!
Jue X

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