August 08, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Well what can I say it’s been a beautiful Summer so far!!!! I for one have been enjoying it and it super excites me to do any sort of summer esq blog posts.
I really wanted to write a “what’s in my holiday bag” post as I’m getting ready for my abroad holidays. I know it might be a little late for this post but I do love sharing with you guys what I will be carrying around with me.
I would carry most of this stuff around with me on an every day basis or if I’m going on a day trip so it’s not inclusive to a flight bag but it is to me.
The bag is from H&M and cost £17.99. Now I know that’s quite expensive for a bag but it’s so perfect!!!
The woven bag trend has been going strong all summer long with many shops have  done there own versions of the bag and it’s very Instagram friendly. ( I for one will be taking photos!!)
Now this bag isn’t all my families carry on Luggage as my tickets and passports will be kept in a separate bag that I won’t be carrying ( I would probably lose them) but I do need to take on board a bag so I thought I would show you what’s in it and why I need it.
First of all wipes. The wipes I have are festival wipes from Home Bargains. These are 39p! These are just for freshening up during the flight and not really for removing makeup. Sometimes it’s just nice to carry around some wipes just in case.
I definitely like to carry Deodorant around and the one I’ve gone for is Dove. I don’t usually like the compressed formulas but with cabin restrictions I went for that one.
Next onto Perfume. I always like to carry around something that smells nice in my bag and I love Vera Wang fragrances. The one I’ve gone for is Love Struck. It lasts such a long time on me and I had this one bought for me as a present but I think it’s quite reasonable in price. It does come with a fancy lid but I don’t really need that when I’m traveling do I?
I used to be a real sucker for Airport perfume but not so much nowadays as I don’t think it’s any cheaper. Saying that I will definitely have a spray while I’m there.
Now onto Makeup I won’t need my full makeup bag as I don’t think it would fit into this bag but I’ve just chosen a few things that I know I will definitely ( maybe ) need.
These items are Bourjois pressed powder. £9.99. This powder is brilliant and comes in a compact which I for one love! I wouldn’t normally spend so much on a pressed powder but it’s the cheapest good compact I can find.
The Ps Skinny Brow pencil £2.50. Just to fill in the gaps if I have a brow mishap.
Revolution Dual Eyeliner £3.50 Great to have for lower and upper water line.
L’Oréal Matte lip paint in the shade 212. I am obsessed with the shade of this and everyone need a lip product in their handbag of some sort.
I don’t think I will be needing a Mascara but if I do I’ve got the Mabelline Lash Sensational £8.99. As it’s my very Favourite. Superdrug has an excellent 2 for £12 offer on all the range at the moment making these great value for money.
I’ve also popped in my bag a pair of sunglasses. These were £2 from Primark. I have already packed another couple of pairs in my suitcase as you can never have too many sunglasses.
Lastly my phone. The case I have on at the moment is so cute. It’s from EBay and cost me £1.49. The problem with buying cheaper phone covers is you have to wait weeks for them to arrive from China. This one took 2 and a half weeks to arrive so not that bad. I did see one similar in PaperChase for £12 a few weeks a go which made me look for a cheaper version. I love how summery it is and very holiday esq.

I would usually carry a purse but I never take one on holidays with me as I don’t usually spend much ( I know right???) I have my card on my phone for Airport spends and that’s about it really.
And that’s it!! Pretty much the same as my “whats in my bag post” but more exciting!!!

What do you take on your holidays with you?

Until next time
Love and plenty of Sunshine
Jue X

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