September 10, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you all have had a fab summer and are all ready for some exciting Autumn posts that I’ve already got planned for the season.
My posts are going to become more regular from now on as I’ve feel I’ve been neglecting the blog over the summer. So expect more of the same budget shopping type posts that will be coming your way soon.
So today I’m back doing something that I do all the time.... talk about how good Revolution makeup is. This week I’ve been trying out the IMOGENATION palette from the Youtuber  Imogen Hudson.
Now you guys know how I love myself a vlogger/blogger collaboration and this is definitely no exception.
Infact I did do a little whoop of excitement when I discovered my local Superdrug had them in stock on the Revolution stand.
At the moment they have an amazing 3 for 2 offer across all the brands so it seemed the ideal time to purchase  this palette.
 Revolution doesn’t really normally have 3 for 2 deals on as it’s cheap enough already so if you can save an extra few pounds why not!!!
The palette itself costs £10 which is pretty standard for a collab palette and there’s a highlighter palette as well just like the Sophx collab. I did only picked up the eyeshadow palette as I’m more of a eyeshadow girl than a highlighter person ( I’m sure I will end up with it eventually but for the moment I’m just into this one.
All the shadows have names which are written on the palette. I have said before I definitely prefer this way of packaging as having a little bit of flimsy plastic with the names on can make life abit difficult. ( I always lose the plastic before I come to write the post and then I end up googling the names!!)
Anyway I thought it would be a good idea to show you the swatches and tell you which ones were my favourite shades ( I think we all know they are going to be the orange shades don’t we!!).
First of all the packaging is beautiful and the lid is such a pretty shade and definitely makes the palette stand out more than other palettes by Revolution.
The shades have pretty much the same staying powder as all the other palettes by the brand and there are a couple of shades that are the same as in other palettes that I own that have been renamed for this one.

My stand out shades on the top two rows are HONEY BEE and BABY GIRL
 The bottom two rows are definitely my favourites with my stand out shades being
The palette is great for this time of year as well as most of the shades are warm and Autumnal shades 

All in all a beautiful palette well worth buying especially if you watch the YouTube Channel.
Let me know if you buy the palette and what kind of looks you achieved with it.
Until next time
Love and Warm Eyeshadow Tones!!
Jue X 

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  1. So pretty. Please will you like and follow my page

    1. Hi Judy... thank you for commenting. Let me know when your page is up and running and I will give you a follow. X

  2. Did you buy this from Superdrug or is it only available from Revolution?