September 12, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again and thank you so much for stopping by.
Well it’s only been a few weeks since my holidays were over ( it feels like months ago) but I’ve already been to Primark about 4 times. The idea here was to buy clothes for Autumn and of course to cheer myself up due to post holiday blues etc!! Primark is full of Autumn clothing at the moment and I really wish I had more money to buy the store.
Before I start I just want to say sorry to you guys for neglecting my “shop my style” part of the blog. I do buy lots of clothes but over the last year or so I have been suffering with body confidence issues and I just felt I didn’t want to take any pictures of myself hence why I don’t pop many pictures of myself on my posts. Hopefully things will improve and I feel more comfortable and the “shop my style” page will return back to what it once was. For now I’m enjoying taking pictures of the clothes and showing you guys what I’m buying rather than showing me in the clothes if you see what I mean
Anyway last year I did an Autumn must haves post which I will link below just in case you missed it.
This year I really wanted to do the same with a little bit of extra shopping I have been doing. With this in mind and the fact all my shopping has been done in Primark it’s really is just a Primark Haul really but it does have Autumn in mind.
First thing first I’m doing the must have items. Leopard print is everywhere and I love it!!! I love everything about anything to do with Cats of any size. Obviously being a cat lover I would never wear real fur but I completely love the print.
I had seen the jumper of dreams in Primark all over Instagram but sadly couldn’t get it. They only had a size XS in my local store and not in a million years am I that size. So I picked up this alternative. It’s not as nice and more expensive £13! But I love it and it’s so cosy! Talking about being cosy.....
While I was there I picked up a teddy bear jacket £20. I really wanted one last year but by the time I had decided I wanted one they had sold out so when I saw one I grabbed it in my little basket. It’s super cosy but I’m not sure it suits me but who cares!

I also picked up a little black teddy bear cardigan. This to me isn’t very “teddy bear” esq but that’s what it said on the label. It was £13 which to me is a little dear but I loved it anyway.

I am a big fan of sweatshirts so when I saw these two mustard coloured slogan ones I had to buy it. Now I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but I for one am a fan of any kind of sweatshirt be it a slogan one or not. Most in my local Primark were £5 each which I think is amazing value and such good quality for  the colder months.

Not content with one jacket I really wanted to jump of board with the camouflage jacket trend that is around at the moment. The one I picked up was £20 and yes I know it’s so not worth £20 but I completely love it. To be honest it’s a glorified shirt but I love it and since I bought it I have been wearing it all the time.
Something that is completely nothing to do with the Autumn months are a few t shirts I couldn’t help but buy. I’m thinking of wearing them with the black cardigan so at least I will get some wear out of them this year. The two with the detail around the neck were £5 each. The green slogan one was £4 and the mustard stripy one was £2.50.

Something that has come around again from last year Autumn trend are the lovely Demin pinafore style dresses. The one I bought was £12 and has cute little buttons down the front. I have had these style dresses before and find they are super comfy and also look great so hopefully this one will serve me well.

Of course I had to pick up a new handbag ( I always seem to do when I’m in Primark.) and am loving the one that I got. It’s a cute little furry circle bag and was £8. It has the big round grab handles which I don’t think I will use and a chain strap. I am a little bit worried that I will break this bag as with it being fur it isn’t very sturdy if you know what I mean but I still love it anyway and hope it can stand the weight of my everyday items I tend to carry around with me.

Well you all know a Primark shop wouldn’t be complete without the makeup and I have been enjoying the Amber Passion  palette £3 and the matte lipstick called “in the buff” £1.50. The eagle eyed ones among you will remember I loved the same lipstick when it was in the Nude range. I ended up buying 3 and they all snapped off!!! I swore I would never buy another one and a few months later here I am buying another one. I am happy to say that Primark must have changed something and they are so much better. So don’t be put off if you have used the nude range and weren’t impressed with the lip products before because these are much better. You would be forgiven in thinking the Amber Passion palette looks like a Huda Beauty one. They have made no secret on the fact that this is a dupe for a more expensive product. Of course I’m sure Huda beauty palettes are amazing but this is pretty good as well and for the £3 price tag I’m happy to use this instead and save my money for other things. I love how the shades are perfect for this time of year even though if I’m honest I have been wearing these sorts of shades all year. I do love a palette in cardboard packaging as it makes it lightweight but I don’t think I would be to keen if I was paying luxury makeup prices.
I have been a nail biter all my life and even though I always have them painted I still bite them. I would even go as far as to say I enjoy biting them... until now. I have recently been able to grow them to the longest they have been ever and have even bought some nail files!! I know!!!!!!! So I picked up a few nail varnishes when I was on my Primark shop. I do love a Primark polish and these ones range from 60p to £1.50. They are excellent quality as well and I would recommend them to anyone. In the Autumn I usually pop all my light polish shades away and wear darker colours hence the blue and grey shades.

My last item is a jewellery piece and I can’t believe I nearly forgot about it. It’s just a pair of plastic leopard print hoops £3.  I did have to buy a pack of 2 and I don’t think I will wear the gold hoops that are in the pack but I wanted the leopard print ones that much I was willing to pay The £3 price tag

If you have been to Primark lately I would love to hear what you have bought. Do you love it just as much as me and what are your Autumn must haves.
Love and Crisp Autumn Days
Jue X

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  1. OMG! That Animal print jumper! Love it!!!!

    1. Aww thank you so much for commenting... You can’t go wrong with a Primark jumper X