November 01, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

Hi again and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to share with you some products I was kindly gifted from BED HEAD BY TIGI and SUPERDRUG.
Well anyone who knows me knows I’ve got rubbish hair. It’s dyed, Over heated and a little bit unruly.
Having used BED HEAD products before I was super excited by this box and couldn’t wait to delve in and check out the new range.
Using the hashtag #yourstageyourstyle the brand new ROCKAHOLIC range is very that. It’s based on a Rock Star image and the packaging is a little bit gothic in my opinion which I kind of love! ( Believe it or not I was abit of a Goth back in the day and had an undying love for Marilyn Manson!)
Anyway back to the products. I just love the packaging, for me the packaging really works and would look great on anyone’s dressing table.
Surely with my rubbish hair and these fab products I could find something to unleash my inner rockstar! ( well maybe not but at least I’ll have nice hair!) With a mantra of:

“At Bed Head ROCKAHOLIC we believe everyday is a chance to show the world who you are, to do your thing your way. So go on - turn heads, cause a stir, create an impact. In our world anything goes, and nothing last forever, so get out there and show them what you are made of.”

I completely love this statement and really hope I love the products that go with it.

I’m not going to lie. I don’t usually use hairspray. Except on the off chance I do some kind of elaborate hairdo. (which is basically a plait to me). This isn’t sticky at all and even though you can feel it in your hair it does “Lock your hair into place and keep it under control” like the product promises. In other words it won’t move but doesn’t feel sticky just held into place. It smells nice and definitely not over the top like some aerosols can be so over powering. It literally could hold any style and it brushes out at the end of the day which is a great selling point as it doesn’t need washing out.
The last salt spray I used made my hair go all crispy and I vowed never to use another one as I thought it wasn’t the product for me. Now I wasn’t going to let a little factor like that tarnish my thoughts on this product. After all BEDHEAD states it “Electrifies any style adding texture and light hold” and I’m super keen to see if this product changes my view.
Now this product didn’t make my hair go all crispy but you can tell the product is in your hair. I think it would really suit someone with curly hair and not someone like me with straight hair. On curly hair I can imagine it looking really good as I think it would lift and separate curls. Saying that I would use it with straighteners as I do like how it separates the hair.

This is probably my favourite product out of the complete range. Firstly it smells lush. But that’s not the reason why I love it so much. I love this so much because it doesn’t leave any white residue in my dark hair, which sometimes dry shampoo does. Not one bit, My hair doesn’t tend to get greasy so I can’t comment on that factor and I can’t say it would “Save your hair from getting down and dirty”like the brand claim. ( No one wants down and dirty hair!!) But it certainly gives your hair a freshen up if you miss a day of washing.
Now this is another product I don’t usually use. Infact I haven’t used hair mousse since I had a perm years ago but I’m all for the “Uplift your look with bold long lasting volume” claim the brand gives so I just had to try. The product isn’t at all sticky and doesn’t leave your hair rock solid like my hair was back in the day. I don’t really have any natural curl to my hair but I did like the volume it gave me which lasted all day. It smells really nice as well which is always a bonus.

The hair gel comes in a tube and smells really nice. It certainly keeps short hair in place (according to the man in my life as he volunteered to try it for me!!) and it isn’t at all sticky which I know happens with some hair gel products. The brand claims “Spiked up or slicked back, give your hair some attitude” which certainly is a bold statement and even though I’m not sure about the “attitude” bit. It certainly holds your style really well and it won’t move all day. The hold to this is firm but not too firm that the hair is rock solid. Another trick for this gel which I did try myself is using it as a brow gel. Believe it or not it really works and it even makes brows look abit thicker. I’m sure you’re not suppose to use it on brows but I’m sure it’s ok as long as you keep it, like all other hair products away from your eyes.

I’m abit old school when it comes to hair products and the styling paste leaves me abit baffled of what to do with it as I’ve never used one before.
The brand claims that it “Create bold texture and definition with natural finish” . It certainly gives a more natural look than the hair gel. It smells really nice and I do think it does give you volume  as well. It doesn’t add shine to your hair as it leaves a Matt finish which is quite flattering rather than a shiner finish gel can leave.

If you have tried any of this range or just love BEDHEAD please leave a comment of what you think. Do you love it as much as me?
I will leave a link below just in case you want to try this great brand for yourself..

Thank you for taking the time to get to the end of my mini review. I will be back with yet another post about a product I am using and loving  at the moment next week
Until next time
Love and swishy rockstar hair
Jue X

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