October 28, 2018

(Including Disappointing Products)
By Jue Douglas

Hi again you lovely lot. Thank you for stopping by. It seems ages since I have done a post but in fact it’s only been a week. This month I have decided to do my favourites a little earlier than I usually do as I don’t have a post ready and I do like to have a post for you guys every week.
Just how quick has this month gone. I mean it’s nearly the end of the year and even though I’m not really a fan of this time of year I’ve been enjoying using some new products so I thought I would share them with you.
Regular readers of my “favourites” posts will know I don’t like writing about products I really haven’t enjoyed using. It always seems a little bit winey and I’m moaning, which I don’t like to do but saying that that I’ve found a couple of things I really don’t like.

But first on with my favourites, which I’m going to start off with skincare.
The Lacura Healthy Glow £3.99 tonic is amazing. It’s a complete dupe to the Pixi tonic. I have done a separate blog post about this because I love it so much. Sadly my local Aldi store have completely sold out but I did buy 4 bottles so I’ve got enough bottles to keep me well in stock.
My skin has been so pale this month. Last month I used the Garnier Summer Body. I enjoyed it so much it made me want to try the Dove Summer Revived £5.29. This in my eyes is better. It’s super moisturising and really gives you such a glow. It is a little bit sticky but it does soak in your skin and smells really nice.

I’ve still been growing my nails and am loving painting them all Autumnal shades. I’m really impatient when it comes to drying nail polish that’s where the  Elegant Touch Nail Spray £3.19 comes in. One spray of this and nail varnish is instantly dry. I can’t tell you enough how good this stuff is. I used to use the Primark version of this for 90p and even though this is more expensive, it
works so much better and is definitely worth paying a little bit more for.
 If you all know how much I love myself a Matte liquid lipstick.This month has been no exception. Having recently tried the L’Oréal Les Chocolat lipstick in the shade bittersweet £8.99. This is definitely my favourite. It lasts such a long time and even though it’s not as comfortable as the Essence one that is another one of my favourites this month it lasts a full day at work without a top up which is amazing. The Essence one that I have recently done a blog post about is £2.80 and even though it’s cheaper it so comfortable to wear but doesn’t last as long and does need a top up.

I have recently started using Lipcote £3.79 to pop over my lip products to make them last longer. I had a few lip products in my collection that I completely love  the colour but don’t have the staying power that I would like but if I use this it lasts so much longer. It isn’t the most comfortable product on your lips but it’s definitely worth a try especially if you need your lipstick to last.

The last makeup item I want to talk about is the PS Primark Pure £3 highlighter. I completely love everything about this product. The swatch off the highlighter is amazing and I totally love the packaging which I have to admit is totally what drew my attention to the product in the first place. Hi

You guys know how much I love myself a nice perfume and the Superdrug Bloom perfumes £4.99 are a great gift idea as they are a complete dupe for Jo Malone. I love a good dupe and these are long lasting and at a great price. There are three to choose from and I’m ashamed to admit I have all 3. ( well I do love a good bargain!)
Probably something that shouldn’t have been a favourite is the ALDI MAPLE SALT SALT £1.59. It tastes so good and I could eat the whole packet. Aldi only stock this at Christmas so grab it now while it’s in the store if you have a mega sweet tooth like myself.

Now for the part I don’t like.. the products I haven’t really enjoyed. I’m just going to do a quick paragraph about these products as I really want to mention them but not go into too much detail. These products might appeal to some of you, so please don’t let me put you off, but this is just my thoughts on the products and if you disagree that’s ok!

Firstly I know this will be an unpopular opinion but I’m not a fan of the Revolution Conceal and Define foundation £9. This foundation is £9!!!! The packaging is big and bulky and I went orange using it. Knowing what I know now I would definitely go a shade lighter as this product does darken. Don’t get me wrong when I first used it the finish was amazing and I was all ready to give it its own blog post. It’s as the day went on I was going darker and darker.

Another item I didn’t really enjoy using is the So? Perfume called Midnight Magic. The box packaging is pretty the bottle is a lovely style, sadly the smell gave me a bad head. A plus point is it blinkin lasts so long hence the headache. So it’s ideal if you’re after a long lasting cheap fragrance as it’s only £3.98. This one is not for me though.

My last item as I don’t want to bore you with too many things I haven’t enjoyed using is the Aldi Mascara range. These are priced at £2.89 and are dupes for more expensive mascara. I didn’t really get on with the one I tried and even though it’s a shame I wouldn’t repurchase another.
Phew that was so bad!
Thank you for taking the time to read my post!
I will be back next week with yet another endless ramble
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. The Bloom range has been in all the newspapers. Have you seen the reviews it’s been getting? x

  2. Aww I know! I love a good Jo Malone Fragrance dupe! Thank you for commenting X