February 06, 2019

By Jue Douglas 

So you guys know what I’m like by now. I’m always buying makeup and I particularly like a good offer. I have been waiting for this one for ages and Superdrug haven’t disappointed me. It’s the Maybelline 2 items for £12 offer!! This totally is my favourite Maybelline offer. It means you can pick up more expensive Maybelline products for £6 each. Yes!! I can’t believe it either!!
Ever since the brand bought out some new brow products I’ve been itching to get my hands on them but with each being over £10 each and my brows being abit rubbish I didn’t want to spend a lot because let’s face it my brows are not worth it!
Older readers to the blog will remember that I tried out the peel off Brow Tattoo, I want to say about a year ago but I could be wrong! and I was happy with it. There is a blog post about it on here so I will leave the link below.

So I thought I would try out the other three products in the range, while they were cheaper for you to buy ( if you want to!)  and let you know if they are worth buying or not.
I just want to say there is going to be a lot of close up pictures of my brows! Some are Ok.. ish!! Some are abit shocking! but it’s a true indication of the product and I’m sorry!
First things first I want to talk about the product I was most excited to try out and the reason I have been waiting for the 2 for £12 offer to come around.

 It’s the TATTOO STUDIO WATERPROOF BROW GEL. This product is normally £11.99!! ( now you can see my excitement for this offer!) it comes in a little box and promises to last for 2 days. I’m not going to lie I did think it was another one of those peel off products but it’s not. The packaging does give you instructions and we are given a little brush in the tube to brush it though. The product comes in 4 shades in my local store but it’s a guessing game which shade to choose. The brow gel goes on really thickly which is perfect for me as I have thin eyebrows. I’m not sure how people with thicker eyebrows would get on with it being so thick. I completely agree it’s waterproof as I was caught in a snow storm ( I hate the UK weather at the moment!) and my brows weren’t going anywhere. They do leave a little bit of tint at the end of the day and the next morning even though I probably couldn’t get away without filling my brows in slightly with a pencil, people with thicker brows probably could get another day out of them.
All in all it’s expensive for £11.99 but I would happily repurchase on a 2 for £12 off.

The next day! 
Now onto the BROW TATTOO POMADE. £9.99
The product comes in a little box with the cream pomade and a brush. The product itself is pretty much packaged like other pomades that I’ve tried. It does come in a box with instructions on how to apply in 3 easy steps and promises to be waterproof, buildable, pigmented and long lasting. Which is pretty much everything we need in a brow product... right!!
It’s available in my local store in four shades.( more are available online!) I picked up medium brown but it’s on the dark side. I have brunette hair ( well it’s all shades at the moment but let’s say it’s dark!) and it’s a little bit too dark for me. I’m glad that I didn’t go for a darker shade or I don’t know what I would look like.
The shade issue did tarnish my view on this product as I felt like I had to use it sparingly. The brush is brilliant mind you. It’s a perfect shape for easy application. I love the fact it’s a duel ended brush and you can apply the product with one end and brush it though with the other.
The product is super easy to apply. The texture is so creamy and once it’s on I would agree it’s not going anywhere. It would have been a way better product if it gave you a tint over a couple of days like the peel off one does and the brow gel promises but it doesn’t. Even though it’s waterproof it still can easily be removed with normal makeup remover so no problems there.
All in all a nice pomade ( it’s worth buying just for the brush!) and if you pick it up on the offer even better.

Now onto the final product I wanted to try. It’s the TATTOO BROW MICRO PEN TINT £9.99. This time the brow product comes in a pen shape with a spiked nib to mimic natural hairs. L’Oréal do a similar product and I will leave the link below just in case you want to read that.


Pretty much like the L’Oréal one I did purchase the wrong shade and again think they should be testers available. This one was medium brown where I should have got a darker one. The spiky nib is a little bit soft and I think it could be a little bit firmer to get proper strokes. It certainly shows up though. The brush probably doesn’t give as good of hair like stokes that I would have liked. It’s more like a felt tip pen and if you have thinner brows like me you need to use a lot of product. I think this product would suit people with thicker brows or to use on a touch up day after using the tinted brow gel or peel off formula.
Final thoughts, of the range are if you want to get anything from the range I would buy the original BROW TATTOO PEEL OFF product. It’s still my favourite out of all the range. It’s hassle free and you get a template for your brows for days.

If you have tried any of these products I would love to hear your thoughts.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. Really disliked the micro blading pen when I tried it

    1. Aww I think it’s better for people who have naturally thicker brows,who just need to fill in the gaps. Thank you for commenting X

  2. I picked up the brow pomade and I love it!

    1. Aww if you review it for your blog send me over the link. I would love to read what you think! Thank you for commenting X

  3. I don’t really like Maybelline brow products. Nyx is better.

    1. I’ve only ever tried out one NYX brow product, Maybe I need to try out more! Thank you for commenting X