February 13, 2019

By Jue Douglas

 Hands up who wants quick and easy beautiful nails.. “Me” I can hear you cry. When I was asked if I would like to try out the KISS GLAM FANTASY SPECIAL FX NAILS, how could I refuse.

So firstly let me tell you abit about the brand. Kiss is the worlds largest manufacturer and supplier of professional quality nail products.
Originally available in the US the company expanded to the US retailers such as Walgreens and Walmart. This made Kiss become the first company to bring professional quality nails directly to the customer to achieve salon results at home meaning no more costly salon visits.
Today Kiss not only sell quality nails, nail art and nail care, they have also introduced lashes and brow kits to the range. These are available in 90 countries worldwide. So pretty impressive stuff.
Now I know false nails aren’t going to be for everyone. Infact a year ago I was pretty much one of those people. I have bitten my nails all my life and hated the thought of long nails getting in the way. Infact if I’m honest I didn’t care how long my nails were. Then last summer something changed.. I grew my nails. Actually really long and got compliments for them which you know kinda made me feel good!
Fast forward 6 months what with cold weather and life getting in the way they broke. Not too short but short enough for the compliments to stop and me to miss having my long nails. This is where these fit in perfectly.
I’m not a commitment sort of girl! I change my mind so easily. So I would hate to go to a salon and pay tons of money for the same shade nails for weeks on end. With the Kiss nails you don’t have to do this. You could change them every week if you fancied. You’re not going to damage your nails either as these nails are only temporary so you get to decide how long you want to wear them for.
I revived two packs in all the first is beautiful blue shade called Parasol. This pack includes matte, glitter and holographic designs all of which compliment each other. The second is called Trampoline. These nails are full of sparkle and contain unique multidimensional glitter.
Even though I was sent these I do know they are available in Superdrug or Boots. They retail at about £7.99 and the pack come with 28 nails. ( so if your lucky with your nail shapes you can get 2 uses out of them!) The nails do come in different sizes and can be filed and shaped with the nail file provided
What’s included in the pack! 
28 various sizes nails,
Nail glue,
Sticky tabs,
Nail file,
Nail stick,
The nails come in a variety of colours and nail designs such as matte, glitter and gel finishes. All of which look and feel salon quality. Removing them is easy as well. Most of the time I found after about 4 days they pinged off by themselves. ( If they ping off before you are ready you can reapply the same nail) If you do want to remove them and you might get the odd one that just won’t budge. Whether you use the sticky tabs or the glue I found if you use an Acetone nail varnish remover they remove easily with no damage to your own nails underneath.
All in all I love everything about these  nails. I love the fact they are commitment free. I love the fact they are budget friendly and I love the fact that if you’re careful you can use them again.
If you would like to give these fantastic nails a try I will leave the link below to the Kiss website.
Alternatively just pop along to your nearest Superdrug.
Lastly I would like to thank Alex Silver PR for giving me this opportunity to try out these nails.
Until next time
Jue X
*Gifted item

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  1. That shade of blue is gorgeous!

    1. Aww thank you Judy! I know! It’s my favourite shade out of the two!

  2. Omg! Those nails look lush!

    1. They are really pretty! Thank you for commenting X