March 29, 2019

By Jue Douglas

After been spoilt in Febuary with the weather. March has been a bit of what I call “Normal British Weather’ basically a wash out,( until this last week!)  but Summer is on its way!! I can feel it in the air!! ( technically I can’t but it’s nearly April so yes it is!!) That and it’s currently the end of March as I’m writing this whilst sitting in the garden and generally loving life right now!!! 

So I had two posted planned. My usual Monthy Favourites post and a March Primark Haul.
The Primark one has been in draft for weeks. Every time I go shopping I never seem to buy much for it to seem a worthwhile haul. I watch lots of Primark Hauls on You Tube and people come away with bags full and that never seems to happen with my hauls.
I wonder if it’s worth me doing one at all. That’s why I wait for a couple of visits and post a few shops in one.
This month a few things that I have bought  have turned into favourites, so instead of talking about them twice I thought I would do one big post of the things I have been buying and the things that I have been loving this month.
I haven’t really been buying many clothes this month for a couple of reasons. Firstly I’m on a big save. I am still saving up for that boiler that older followers will remember that it’s hanging on in there. I thought this would have been its last winter but it’s still going on strong, if making some strange noises.
Also I would like to loose some weight before I buy some nice new summer clothes. I’m under no illusion I need to diet.
I have been buying a few beauty bits and accessories over three shops and a couple of clothing items that if I do loose a bit of weight ( or put it on) won’t make much difference. I know I haven’t bought much but that doesn’t stop me.
I’ll start with the beauty bits as that’s where a few new favourites lie ( especially in the brow department).
Primark do amazing brow products with my favourite being the new brow pomade. This cost me £2.50 and is the nicest pomade I have tried in a while. Other brow products in the range cost around the £2 mark and are really good and affordable as well.
I have also been buying nail varnish ( as standard) these are £1 each and are fantastic value. Every time I pop into Primark I always seem to pick up one ( or two). As well as this I bought a highlighter and mascara. The highlighter is similar to ones from Primark that I’ve bought in the past and the mascara is the smokey eye one that I have talked about in the past. This cost £2.50 and is one of my favourite mascara ever.
I also picked up three fragrances. These were actually reduced to £1 each. I like to keep one in my handbag but I have to admit the smell doesn’t last long but is good to have at hand for regular top ups.

I always seem to go mad on earrings and hair accessories and am loving  the leopard print/ tortoise shell jewellery that is around at the moment. ( I don’t think I could do a favourites post and not give it a little mention!) You can’t go wrong with the little scarves that double up as headbands. I love wearing these on days off to keep my hair at bay.

The two clothing items I have bought aren’t very exciting and both cost me £2.50 each. One is a vest and the other is a T shirt. I haven’t worn either yet because I’ve been too cold. Like last year Primark have some amazing £2.50 tops which are ideal for holidays and I will definitely go back for more as the weather gets better.
Now onto the bags! ( notice I said bags not bag!) yes I’ve bought two. Both were £10 each and both are wicker bags. I’m going to be doing a new “whats in my bag post” soon so remember to check it out when I do.

Now for some favourites that aren’t from Primark.
My love for a matte lipstick never seems to change and it’s a Nip+Fab liquid lipstick in the shade Toffee that has won my heart this month. It’s such a lovely shade and wears really nicely. I picked mine up from Superdrug when there was an offer on. Usually these cost around £6.95 so not too bad considering how long lasting they are.
I recently did a post about Revolution skincare after trying out the Revolution Retinol Fine Line Serum which I loved. It’s definitely one of my new favourite skincare products and I find it really works if you suffer from fine lines like me.
Another skincare product I have been loving is the Pixi Peel and Polish. This was gifted to me and is amazing. I love the fact you can actually see and feel it working and even though this one was gifted to me I would repurchase it myself when I run out.

Lastly talking about skincare, the 7th Heaven silver mask I recently tried ( last night in fact) that I was kindly gifted is definitely worth trying. I have never used a peel off mask before that actually peeled off in one full piece like this one did. They are amazing.

I’m not really one to use Fake Lashes but these ones from the Jordyn Woods Eylure range are really lovely. These ones were gifted as I probably wouldn’t have purchased them. Saying that these have got me thinking that I probably should wear lashes more. The Eylure ones feel and look very natural and definitely worth a try and I will definitely be buying more in the future.

My last favourite is the L’Oréal 24hr fresh foundation. I can’t say enough how much I love this and I think it appears every month in the favourites. It’s £10.99 which I know is expensive but it does last a long time ( I use it everyday and it’s lasts about two months). Which brings me on to a foundation I didn’t like....
Lastly you guys know I don’t like to moan or diss any product but I feel I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t mention it. It’s the Revolution foundation I bought a few weeks ago.
Yes I do love the fact it’s in a tube, it’s £5 and there’s lots of shades to choose from. But that’s probably where my love ends. Now I don’t know if it’s because I love the L’Oreal 24hr fresh foundation so much it’s clouded my vision but it didn’t work for me. It didn’t really suit my skin ( combination) and I found it separated as the day went on. The shade was really nice though and you will definitely found a colour to match you.

For those who made it it the end.. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.
What have your favourites been this month?
If you guys don’t like this format please let me know and I can do two separate posts next month.
Until next time.
Jue X

*some gifted items.

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  1. Feel like this is two posts in one!

    1. I know!! I should have done them separately!! Thank you for commenting X

  2. Love that bag! Please check out my blog!

    1. Aww me to, it holds a lot as well!! Will do!!! And thank you for commenting X