March 25, 2019

By Jue Douglas
Hi there you lovely lot. Thank you for stopping by for another little blog post. I was recently gifted the Pixi by Petra skin treats box. Pixi boxes are the best and I really wanted to share with you what’s inside the box.
I also thought I would give you a little overall of the products and a little first impressions of them after I have tried them out.
 If you would like a more detailed review on individual items I can after using the products for a longer period of time.

Firstly, I will start off by saying how beautiful the packaging is. This comes as no surprise to anyone. Each product comes in a no fuss tube/tub/packet  making them so easy to use but giving them the luxurious feel that they deserve.

I’m going to start off with the Glow Mud Mask.
15 Minute Facial
Pore clearing glow revealing mask
Contains aloe Vera, ginseng and mineral rich mud
Deep pore cleansing
Great for congested, dull and tired skin
Use pm for 15 mins or as a spot treatment

This stuff is amazing. It’s easy to apply and is easy to remove. I wasn’t able to test out it it worked as a spot treat as I don’t really get many spots. But my skin was definitely brighter, in the T Zone area ( which is where my skincare is oilier) after using this product.
Pore Purifier
Detoxifying mask draws out impurities and reveal immediate results
Use 1-2 times a week
Leave on until completely dry then peel off

This certainly draws out blocked pores. It’s so easy to peel off ( if you apply a thick layer) it sets really quickly and feels quite satisfying when you remove it.
Resurfacing Concentrate
Salon peel treatment made easy at home
Natural fruit enzymes exfoliate and polish
Lifting away dead skin cells to reveal a more smooth, radiant and healthy complexion.
Used morning or evening leave on for 2 minutes and for extra exfoliation, gently massage into face for 30 seconds
Use 2-3 times a wee

This is my favourite product in the box.. You can actually see it working. Dead skin cells are washed away and skin is silky smooth and glowy afterwards
Depuffing eye patches
Instantly depuffinb and reviving hydrogel patches
Under eyes are revived, refreshed and rehydrated.
Contains cucumber to help nourish and fortify and Hyaluronic Acid and Caffine to smooth, depuff and aids reducing dark circles

I’m not sure about dark circles being reduced but it certainly temporarily removes wrinkles and  makes eyes look younger. I’m not sure if by using this product regularly the effects might be more permanent but I’m excited to keep trying it out.

Brightening infusion sheet mask
The sheet mask contains a serum concentrate of glycolic Acid brightens and herbal extracts to help to improve and maintain skin health, promoting more luminous skin
Apply after cleaning
Leave on for 10-15 min
Store in the fridge for extra depuffing effect.

You guys know I love anything that contains Glycolic Acid and this sheet mask is amazing. I didn’t pop it in fridge like it recommended as I find sheet masks to be a little bit cold on your face anyway. I left the mask on for 20mins ( I always leave them in longer!) and I found that gives plenty of time for its magic to work. My skin felt amazing and I would definitely use this product again.

I can honestly say after only a week my skin has never felt so clear and I would definitely recommend these products to anyone.
If you have tried any of these products I would love to hear what you think or if you can recommend anything from the Pixi brand you think I should be trying
Until next time
Jue X

* Gifted items.. Many thanks to PIXI BY PETRA for this amazing box

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  1. If you like the peel and polish you will love the body shop drops of youth.

    1. Aww I’ve never tried the drops of youth from The Body Shop. I might have to go and have a little look. Thank you for commenting X

  2. These products look lush. I must try them out

    1. Aww if you do let me know what you think. Thank you for commenting X

  3. Replies
    1. It’s really good isn’t it!! Thank you for commenting X

  4. The under eye patches are really good, aren’t they? X