March 17, 2019

By Jue Douglas

So you guys know how much I love my skincare and whilst browsing though the latest copy of the Superdrug Dare magazine ( you know the one you get free from the store) I came across an advert for the Revolution skincare range.I’m not going to lie I had seen it in the shops but thought I had enough skincare that I didn’t want to buy any more! ( I know!!! Right???)
Well how wrong can you be. Firstly you can never have too much skincare and secondly it’s really good and I’m so late to the party with this product.
After much thought I decided to buy the Retinol product. This is for a few reasons but my main one is that skincare experts said on a programme on the BBC once that Retinol and Suncreen is all you need to avoid wrinkles. ( if it says so on the TV it must be right!!) Since watching that programme I have stuck to products with SPFs in and Retinol.
The product itself costs £6. I picked mine up from SUPERDRUG (click here to buy) but it’s available from Beauty Bay, ASOS or the Revolution website.

The Revolution skincare range is quite impressive. Not only does it include this product but many more that target skin solutions. The products in the range as well as this 0.2% Retinol, also include 2% Hyaluronic Acid, EGF Serum, Gold Elixir ( Rosehip Seed oil) 5% Lactic Acid + Hyaluronic Acid, Superfruit Extract, 10% Matrixyl, CBD Oil and Multi Peptide Serum.
I love the fact they use the Moto “Better Skincare, Better Makeup” because we all know makeup applies better if we have a good base to start off with.
Now I’m not going to lie, I do suffer with fine lines around my eyes and well I could kid myself they are laughter lines I’m pretty sure they are the signs of ageing.
No one wants to grow old and have a face full of wrinkles and I’m a firm believer in starting with basic skincare as early as possible.
So I’m always on the look out for products that not only help with fine lines getting any deeper set but help not get any newer ones to add to the collection.
With this Serum promising to: Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and encourage even skin tone and texture what’s not to love about the sound of this.
This product contains 0.2% Retinol. This doesn’t seem a lot but because it has a lower concentration it makes it ideal to use on skin that hasn’t built up a tolerance to Retinol products yet

The Serum itself  I would say is more like an oil and it feels oily on your face. It comes in a cute little bottle with a droplet. This makes you use just the right amount of product. It’s a little tricky to apply as it’s quite runny but that does make it easy to blend around your face. If you have oily parts to your face ( mine are my nose and chin) I would avoid these areas as this, I can imagine this adding to the oil factor and on my face would cause spots. It definitely only a night time product as well as it
doesn’t soak in either so you can really feel it on your skin.
In the morning my skin feels really soft to touch and not at all greasy.

Now my before and after pictures are a bit rubbish ( as they always are as I don’t have a face for the camera!! ) Saying that I do think you can get the general idea that around my eyes and skin tone has improved. Bear in mind, as well this is within a week of using the product every evening before bed. I have also been taking the Vitamins as well so this might be a factor on how much my skin has improved.
I will let you know how I get on after a longer period of using the product but after a week I would definitely give it a big thumbs up.

It’s also Vegan, Cruelty Free and Fragrance free making it even more that bit amazing.
I will definitely be buying more from the range in the future and can’t wait to let you know what I buy.
If you have tried any of these products I would love to know your views
Until next time
Jue X .

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  1. Really want to try this range now

    1. I can really recommended it. I’m going to try more from the range as well. Thank you for commenting X