May 29, 2019

This last week has been my favourite of the year. I love a sunny warm day. I’m at this moment sitting outside enjoying this fabulous weather.
Now I know the last time I wrote something like that on the blog, by the time I got around to publishing the post the weather had completely broken and we were experiencing gale force winds, so apologies if history has repeated itself. ( It completely has and I do apologise that I honestly did start writing this in the sun!!!)
This month I’ve found some new little favourites for you. Some have been gifted but I will mention this along the way. I do have a disappointing product  as well, but this is at the end of the post as I don’t like moaning about things!
Now onto makeup. I haven’t really bought in the way of new makeup. For a couple of reasons really. The first being I am on a big save and the second I am loving the makeup I already have!
That said I still have found a few bits I wanted to share with you the first being
L’Oreal ultra matte liquid lipstick Bitter Sweet £9.99
This liquid lipstick is the best. The shade is amazing and it lasts all day! ( and I mean ALL day!) it’s so comfortable not like some long lasting lipsticks and I just can’t express enough my love for this.
PS fine tip eyeliner £1.50
Now I’m not normally a pen eyeliner sort of girl. I like a proper brush but this one by PS Primark is so good. It’s not scratchy and the nip glides across your eyes easily. It’s such good value as well and is only £1.50. Which to me is a real bargain. I am definitely going to pick up another one when I’m next in Primark.

Revolution Take A Vacation bronzer £3
I could talk about Revolution all day long. I think they really excel on certain products. This month it’s the bronzers that I’ve been loving. I do love the Revolution baked bronzers and end up having that many of the same shades but this is my favourite at the moment.
Lottie London Blush Crush In the shade Nick.
Now I wish I had not included this because I have just had a look on the Superdrug website and it’s not there anymore. ( You can buy them on ASOS and Feel Unique though!)  It was around £2 ish in Superdrug at the time and it’s such a lovely shade. I think they are around £5 now online from other places but are worth the extra because they are so good and long lasting.

Next month I might have a couple of new makeup pieces for you, but I have only been using them for a week so think it’s a bit too early to called them a favourites just yet.
Now onto skincare which lets be honest is my fave!
I have been going into my local Aldi store recently. You don’t really need to know why.. Ok you broke me.....I’ve been loving the little pots of Lemon cheesecake that they sell in the chilled counter. While in the store I picked up a couple of little dupe gems. If you have been following my blog for a while you will already know my love for the Lacura range. The two items I picked up were both wipes in very similar packaging to Nip + Fab and Simple
The deep cleansing pads were £2.95 ( which I think is a bit steep for Aldi) and I would say are just as good as the Nip + Fab ones) So you could really save some pennies buying these and the Cleansing Facial wipes were 39p!! How crazy is that price. I haven’t got sensitive skin so I can’t really say if they are the same as the Simple brand but they do remove makeup really well which at that price is amazing.
I have been really enjoying using facial oils this month. My favourite being the Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood. I have done a separate post on this if you fancy a little read. *
I have also been loving the Pixi glow tonic serum. I love the Pixi range so much and again I have done a separate post about the full range if you fancy a read. *
I think this has never actually made it into a favourites post, which I’m surprised about as I use it most days. ( if I’m not trying anything else out!) It’s the Nivea refreshing facial gel wash. I usually buy this when it’s on an offer for around £2. I have repurchased this a few times which is rare for me as I love to try new things. I love how this makes your face feel and feels really nice first thing in a morning as part of my morning skincare routine.
Now onto Haircare which will come as no surprise it’s Hask any day of the week. If you didn’t catch my blog post about it, in a nutshell I love the brand. It’s on offer at the moment in Superdrug so if you are on the lookout for a new shampoo this in amazing.
The fragrances I have been enjoying this month are the Miss So...? range. My favourite one being Sugar Rush. The fact it smells like sweets is the complete selling point to me. Again I have done a post about the full range if you fancy a little read. *

I really love my new phone case I picked up off EBay from Skinny Dip. It’s a brown tortoise shell one. I love anything tortoise shell ( I even have a tortoise shell cat!! That doesn’t really count does it!!) but I love my new case anyway. I don’t know why I keep buying new phone cases when it’s a new phone that I really need but that will have to wait.

Now onto TV
This week I have been enjoying Hatton Garden. After watching the first episode I wasn’t really enjoying it as I thought it was just a lot of men moaning. I didn’t give up and found I really enjoyed it towards the end. So definitely worth a watch.
Now onto something I didn’t enjoy using. Skip this bit if you don’t like moaning!! Its the Collection Primed and Ready HD blur setting powder.£4.99.
For a start off this powder goes everywhere and once it’s opened if it’s not kept upright it’s a mess.( keeping it in a makeup bag is a no no.) I found it didn’t blur anything and it definitely didn’t set anything. Also something that I’m not sure is meant to happen, it’s a tiny bit sparkly. Something that I’m sure isn’t right in a setting powder. I will definitely stick with the Barry M one that I love next time for the similar amount of money.

What have you been enjoying this month?
Until next time
Jue X

*gifted items, but not paid or asked to endorse,  I just love them!!!!

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