So something really special has happened. I have been invited into the NIVEA family. This is such big news for me as I’m such a big fan of the brand. 

Nivea has always had a special place in my heart. I think every bathroom cupboard throughout my childhood (family and friends houses) had a staple blue jar of Nivea in. It’s such an iconic, nostalgic scent and reminds me of happy times as a child. 

Nivea as a brand have been running for over 100 years with the very first Nivea tin produced in 1911 and since then the brand have come a very long way. 

So what is the Nivea Family. 

The Nivea family is a friendly and engaging community that offers lots of helpful advice and beauty hacks from smaller bloggers like myself. They have a Facebook group (which is something that I’m new too as I’ve never really bothered with Facebook before !) and a hashtag on Instagram which I am following as love looking at other bloggers views on products that I might have not necessarily tried out for myself. 

Being a member of the family means I get to try out exciting products to review. So I thought I would review some of the products for you in a little post and show it if I think they are worth buying or not.