June 29, 2019

Hey you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Today I thought I would bring you my monthly favourites. I love reading what other people are buying and loving, so I’m hoping you guys love them as much as me.
Is it just me or can anyone else not believe we are half way though the year already. It’s so scary how quickly time goes by. Anyway enough of my waffle and on with the favourites. 
Before I forget.......
This month I have been lucky enough to be kindly gifted products which feature in this favourites post. I will mention this when we get to it. I’ve not been asked to talk about these products in this post, I just honestly like the products. I have also added some products that I’ve bought with my own money. Let’s face it these are going to be more affordable. So sit back grab a cuppa and a Jaffa cake and on with the post.
Shall we start with makeup first. A foundation I’ve been loving is the MUA Pro Base Long Wear Finish Foundation.£5. Now I know this makes a change for me to not talk about the L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear which I always go on about. Firstly the MUA is £5. I think this is an amazing price for a foundation. It’s full coverage and very buildable. It probably doesn’t last as long as my L’Oreal one as I found I do need to re powder throughout the day ( maybe once or twice) but the finish is amazing and definitely not cakey. At the moment there is an offer on in Superdrug to save a third, so if you wanted to give this a try now seems the best time. 
I recently shared on Instagram (@juelook) the Revolution Rainbow Highlighter. This is amazing and a complete bargain for £2. Again it’s from Superdrug. The colours look a bit scary to pop on your face but I promise you they do give off a lovely glow and definitely when blended together.
The next thing I want to give a shoutout to are nail polishes. The first one being the Leighton Denny Nail polishes. These are £12 each but I was lucky enough to be kindly gifted them. The shine on them is amazing and probably the best shine I’ve used for a nail polish. I would say you get about 4 days of wear without any chipping (I don’t know what they would be like on really long nails!) They did slightly chip on the ends but you can easily top them up without having to redo them all again. 

A more purse friendly alternative are the Primark PS Gel nail polish. These are £1 each. Not only are the choice of shades amazing but they are so long lasting as well for the money. I don’t seem to be able to come out of Primark without popping one into my basket.
Talking about Primark I must include that into my favourites as recently I picked up a few bits. 
Obviously you guys know I love the lipsticks and the one I picked up was £1.50 from the nudes range. These are super long lasting and the choice of shades from the usual range (not the nudes) is amazing.
I love the Mascara from Primark and the Dramatic Lash £2.50 is really good. 
It comes with a thick brush but you can get mascaras with thinner brushes from the range. So if your not a thick brush kind of person don’t despair. Others sizes are available. The only mascara from Primark I dislike are the waterproof ones. They aren’t waterproof on me which is kinda the idea. 
I nearly forgot about the highlighter on the picture. I definitely prefer the Revolution Rainbow one this this one from Primark is beautiful and leaves just the right amount of glow on your face. It’s only £2.50 as well so definitely worth a look. 
The Bulgarian Rose perfume smells so good. This was £3 and that’s probably standard for most of the perfumes in the store. Primark have a great range of perfumes and they are all reasonably price. They perhaps don’t last very long but they are great to have in your bag for a top up throughout the day. 
Talking about Fragrances leads me nicely into my next favourite which are the Zoella fragrances. These have been reduced to £2 in Superdrug. I remember buying these for £8 each so for £2 I had to pick up some more. If you like the Zoella range now is the perfect time to stock up before it’s too late as they are getting rid of the range

Another fragrance I wanted to mention is the Love Island fragrance. This was again reduced in Superdrug. I’m not sure if they will be still available as you’re reading this but they are and you love Coconut it’s definitely worth buying. I am really enjoying ITV 2 Love Island ( like everyone else)at the moment and it’s definitely worth a mention in my favourites post!

So some of you might have seen that I’ve been loving the toiletries in Aldi recently.
I will come to the skincare in a minute but I really wanted to give a shout-out to the Lacura shampoo and conditioner for 89p. They are such good value and very similar to L’Oreal Elvive shampoo.
Now for the skincare. If you are a regular reader to my blog you might have seen a few posts about these products. The one that I love the most is the Glycolic Toner. These are £3.99 and even though I prefer the smell of the Pixi one I still would repurchase this one again in a heartbeat.

I love Dr Botanicals and the Lemon Superfood that I was kindly gifted from the brand. I love anything that smells of lemon ( mostly cake related normally!) and this makes a perfect moisturiser. You can literally pop it anywhere and I will leave the link below to the full post I wrote a few weeks back about the product.


The Superdrug Argan Hair Therapy Overnight Treatment Masque is another little budget beauty find! This was actually reduced to 60p and makes damaged hair like mine feel great. I do love an overnight treatment mask and this one is great at not making a mess of your pillow. ( no more sleeping in my shower cap for me!) You don’t even need a towel on your pillow as this dries in your hair. You do have to give it a wash in the morning but your hair feels really good
I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the Hask products I mentioned in a previous favourites. These are my go to hair products if I’m going out or for a special occasion but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative the range is worth checking out.

Lastly on my favourites post, I want to mention an amazing hair dye. I was super worried when I came to dyeing my hair this time as it’s really damaged.
Bits have been breaking off all over the place after I tried to go lighter last year. This Schwarzkopf Colour Expert is so easy to use and comes with really nice little extras like an anti breakage serum and two conditioners to use. One straight after and one for 3 weeks down the line. Definitely worth buying if you dye your own hair.
What have you been enjoying this month?
Do you agree with any of my favourites, I would love to know what you think. 
Until next time,
Jue X

*All opinions are my own and even though my post contains a few gifted items I have not been paid or ask too mention them in this post. 

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