June 30, 2019


So over the past few weeks I’ve been using something pretty amazing and I thought I would share it with you today as today (30th June) is the release date of this product. 
For those of you who follow my Instagram (@juelook if you fancy giving me a follow) I recently posted a picture of the Dr Botanicals Cocoa And Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask that I was kindly gifted from Dr Botanicals.
Regular readers to my blog will know that Dr Botanicals is one of my favourite skincare brands and I have done posts about the brand before. I will leave the link for the  MOROCCAN ROSE SUPERFOOD FACIAL OIL for you to read. This not only talks about the product but the back story of the Dr Botanicals brand, because I do love to give you a brand back story.
So the Cocoa and Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask is the newest member of the Apothecary Mini collection.
The Apothecary collection are products that are fresh and brings together science and superfoods to create natural vegan friendly, cruelty free skincare
Firstly am I the only one who loves the packaging. The blue packaging really sells it.
It’s enriched with Cocoa Butter to hydrate your skin and my favourite miracle oil from the tropics Coconut Oil.
You guys know how much I love Coconut Oil and not only is it high in antioxidants,but when it’s partnered with Cocoa Butter it provides the nutrients to fight free radical damage.
So how does this amazing product work. It’s a 10 minute Reviving Hydrating Mask that contains no artificial fragrances or perfume.This makes its perfect for sensitive skin.
The product is super creamy and spreads really nicely over your face. It feels so comforting on your face ( especially if you’ve had too much sun on your face in this warm weather) and I have to admit I did leave it on for more than the 10 minutes it said to.
After 10 minutes ( or longer is you’re anything like me!) is all it takes to leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated and moisturised. This is perfect to use after days in the sunshine to restore your skin complexion if you are feeling like your skin needs a little bit of something extra.
Not only is this amazing to use on your face the creamy formula goes a long way. So this little tube will last you for ages.
This brilliant hand luggage approved mini range is available to buy from
DR BOTANICALS from the 30th June and readers to this blog can buy it for the amazing price of £5 using the code

If you try this amazing product I would love to hear your views. What is your go to face mask?
Until next time.
Jue X

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  1. Where is this from please? x

    1. I have left the link for the Dr Botanicals website at the bottom of the post. But I can link it here for you as well if you would like me too.


      Thank you so much for commenting X

    2. Just copy and past the link! x