June 19, 2019

So it’s that time of year when we all want to get our feet looking in good order! I for one hate my feet. It’s not even a body confidence issue, if I’m honest compared to everyone else my feet aren’t any different it’s just I  don’t like feet in general. Anything that can make feet look a tiny bit better is a complete winner for me.
I don’t tend to show my feet off on a day to day basis even when the weather is hot in the UK ( that doesn’t happen very often believe me!) When I’m on my holidays it’s a different story.The flip flops come out and my feet have to look somewhat ok.
The new for 2019 Impress High Tide Press-On Pedicure is perfect for this very occasion.
For those of you who remember I did try out the Impress Press on manicure nails back in May and wrote a little review about them. I will leave the link below if you fancy a little read of that. 
The Pedicure nails work in a similar way. It’s the easiest way to get professional looking nails in a matter of minutes with no hefty salon price tag or appointment time needed. You don’t need any glue and are safe enough for any age to use. The nails won’t damage your natural nail and are easy to remove.

The kit itself comes with 24 different sizes nails, a prep pad, wood stick,file and instructions. The instructions are easy to follow and once you have bought one pack if you repurchase you probably wouldn’t need to check the instructions again.
It’s always handy to have a cuticle stick and file inside the box.
As with the finger nails the trick is to make sure you pop them on the right way around. The first time you use them it can be easy to put them on upside down. Not so much on these as the pattern is the traditional French Pedicure design so its pretty easy to know which way around they should be. With the patterned ones it’s a little bit trickier, but once you get the hang of the peel off tab being at the bottom you are all good to go.
My tip is to really press on the nail after you have applied. This just makes it stick a little bit firmer.
The adhesive in the nails has an innovative dual layer adhesive. This provides stay put wear by making the bottom layer of adhesive more flexible to fit your natural nail.
The nails are really long lasting but it’s recommended not to wear them for anymore than a week. The nails are easy to remove and can be cleaned up and reapplied with nail glue if desired.
Not my own photo! Photo taken from Impress! 

Now I would like to have shown you what these nails look like on my feet but sadly I have just done a Superdrug foot peeling sock a few days ago and I am still in the process of my feet peeling ( this isn’t a pretty believe me but they really work and I would definitely recommend!!!) I sat down to take the picture of my own feet and at the last minute thought better of it, as I didn’t feel it did the product justice! The picture I have included isn’t my foot but you can get the general idea of how pretty these nails.
These nails are not just perfect for holidays, they would also be perfect for nights out or special occasions. They are so quick and easy. They provide professional looking results, with the shine and long wear of gel polish without having the worry about chipping or smudging.
If you would like to give these nails a try, I will leave you the link below.

Until next time,
Jue X

* A big thank you to Impress and Alice from. Alex Silver PR for kindly gifting these to me.
* Not a paid post I just like them and wanted to share!

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