June 21, 2019

Worth the hype? 

So you guys know how much I love myself a good dupe product. You know, the products that look like and are similar to the original more expensive product. This is a long overdue post. Whenever I do a dupes post I get a lot of lovely feedback from you guys. They are probably one of my favourite posts to write about and definitely my favourite things to find in stores.
Now I’m not going to lie, I did actually especially go into Aldi for these. Normally I stumble across these little beauty bargains when I’ve gone into the store for something else. (usually it’s Lemon Cheesecake or something equally as unhealthy. I think last time it was Maple Salt fudge!!) but No! I actually only bought these few items.
I had been seeing the new range of “dupes”  all week popping up on my Instagram and had my fingers crossed my branch of Aldi would stock them. And yes they did and here we are.
For those of you who don’t know Lacura is Aldi’s toiletries range and they do some amazing dupes of more expensive beauty items. It’s not just Skincare they have also been known to do makeup as well but it’s the skincare that really makes my little heart happy!!
So this time I only picked up a few of the items. Obviously I could have bought more but I’m trying to save,so I just went with my favourite items out of the range.
These were the Retinol Toner, Glycolic Toner, Daily Cleansing Pads and the Rose Oil.
Regular readers to my blog will know how much I love Glycolic Acid. I seem to purchase anything that says the word “Glycolic” on the bottle.
I have been trying these products over the space of a few weeks and that’s why my post is a little bit late. I also have been meaning to go back for the Rose Tonic as this was another item I really wanted to try out but couldn’t find it when I went back.
The Glycolic Tonic is basically a repackage version of the Healthy Glow product that they produced last year. I did do a little review at the time which I will leave the link below, as I don’t want to repeat myself.
Again it contains Aloe Vera and Ginseng and after using this product love the results it leaves.
The previous product was a sell out and I’m guessing this one will be as well.
This is the product I was most excited to try out. Retinol is well known for its anti ageing properties and yes that fact is important to me.
I had never used a retinol toner before so have nothing really to compare it to. As well as the Retinol is also contains 5% niacinamide that’s helps to ease redness and battle blemishes. It also includes Jasmine flower, which I’m guessing is why it smells so good. After a few days I have already seen a difference. 
Firstly it smells nice and it’s actually is a pleasure to use. You skin feels so clean and gets rid of dirt ( I’m saying dirt I obviously mean residue makeup!) that you never knew was still on your face.
 My skin is definitely smoother and my makeup sits better on my face after using this product. It’s so good to exfoliate your skin. I would definitely repurchase this product as not only does it make your skin look better, it also helped with my breakouts ( see below about my breakouts!!)
 ROSE OIL £3.99
Nourishing face oil with Rose and Pomegranate oils
The packaging on this is amazing and yet again similar to the Pixi product. The product didn’t smell bad and wasn’t too runny. It went on evening and I used this as part of my nighttime skin routine.
The oil made my face super soft and it’s a really lovely product but I don’t think I will be repurchasing. Why you ask?????
Even though my skin felt smoother using the oil I have since had a few breakouts on my face. This might be for a few reasons, stress or hormones but normally neither make any difference to my skin. I have since gone back to using my Dr Botanicals which seems to suit my skin better. This is just my opinion and I have heard people say great things about this product so don’t let my breakout put you off. It just didn’t suit my skin. 
I actually have the original Nip + Fab ones of these so I can give them a proper comparison.
Again how similar are the packaging of these two. I can’t quite believe these are so similar and very easy to mix up.
You get the same amount of pads (60) in the tub and the tubs are the same size with similar wording on the packet. I used these pads over time and can’t believe how similar the end results are. They Nip + Fab ones would set you back at £13.59 ( if you can’t get them on an offer!) and basically you get the same results
The Lacura pads are a little bit thicker in size than the Nip +Fab ones. This doesn’t really make a difference to me but it could to some. As well as this the Nip + Fab ones smell stronger than the Lacura ones which I really don’t mind at all about. Both are good products but my favourite Glycolic pads have to be the Superdrug  Naturally Radiant ones which are £5.99 on a buy one get one free offer. (This hasn’t really got anything to do with this post but I wanted to give them a little shout out because they are the ones I repurchase again and again.)

I would love to hear what everyone’s thoughts on these products are. I really am surprised at how similar these products are to the originals. I would love them to be able to be sold for their own merits and not just the fact that they look like the originals but also understand that not everyone would pick up a bottle if they didn’t.  These are great for people who don’t have the money to spend on more expensive beauty products to still be able to buy quality skincare a purse friendly prices.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. I am actually going to Aldi this evening to buy these!