August 15, 2019

Leighton Denny nails have to be one of my favourite nail brands. If you are a regular reader to my blog you will already know how much I love the range as I’ve done previous posts about them.
This time I have been lucky enough to be sent the Slick Tips Hydrating Cuticle Oil to try out. I thought I would pop a post up letting you guys know how I got on with the product and whether I think the product is worth buying or not.
This time last year I had only just started to grow my nails. After years of biting them I finally stopped the habit. I’m not even sure why. I think I had been introduced to nail vitamins and they suddenly became stronger. After this I liked them longer so I haven’t bitten them since. You can do so much more with longer nails and I never have them unpainted. Anyway back to the cuticle oil. I’m not going to lie here a year ago I didn’t care about cuticles. Over the last year I’ve really started to care about them and have even bought products to help remove them. I even own cuticle sticks something that when I first started my blog wouldn’t have even thought I needed.
The Leighton Denny Slick Tips Hydrating Cuticle Oil is perhaps the easiest oil I’ve ever used.
Firstly it smells really nice. I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like but I want to say like lemons if not citrusy of some sort. The product comes in a easy to use brush on bottle making
application not messy at all.
The oil soaks in really quickly, after you gently massage it in making it’s a pleasure to use.
The product contains JOJOBA OIL which is rich in Vitamin A,B and E. This helps to moisturise and recondition dry nails,
From the first time I used this product my nails looked so much brighter and less brittle. I’m not sure if this is down to the Slick Tips but I’m guessing it is.
I can’t wait to continue using this product, especially during the winter months as that’s when my hands and nails are in their worst condition. It’s safe to say this product has well and truly made its way into my nail care box of weekly treatments that I do.
I will keep you updated on how I go on with the product as the months go on, but so far if you’re looking for hydrated and beautifully soft cuticles this is your product.
I will leave the link below just in case you fancy having a look at the product for yourself.
If you do buy it I would love to hear what you think?
Do you love it as much as me?
Jue X

*Gifted item. Many thanks to Alex Silver PR and Leighton Denny for kindly gifting this to me.

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  1. Have I seen this in John Lewis last week? Might go back if it’s good. x

    1. Yes I’m sure they do sell it in John Lewis. You can also pick one up from M&S or online as well. Thank you for commenting X

  2. Lovely post about an amazing product!