August 21, 2019

I’ve become so obsessed with nails over the last year or so. Whether it’s nails au natural or popping on a pair of artificial nails, nails have become a major part of my beauty routine.
Even though I’m more of a nail painted kind of gal, I do love using artificial nails if I have a special occasion like a family meal, holiday, night out or a fancy shopping trip planned.
The Kiss Glam Fantasy nails are great for said events. Not only are they super easy to use, but they look beautiful. I’m not talking “oh your nails look good” kind of beautiful I’m taking “omg I want your nails, nail envy” kind of beautiful. Definitely the kind of nails I’ve never seen before.
The nails are guaranteed to take you from the desk to the dance floor for long lasting stunning nails that will make everyone think you’ve been in the salon for hours.
So how did I find them.
This week I’ve been off work. Wow you’re all thinking where did you go? Nowhere! Apart from running a few errands I’ve really enjoyed doing nothing. The weather has been pants so I couldn’t even sit out in the garden.

Anyway it has given me the opportunity to try out these lovely nails and if I’m honest really put them to the test.
I’m prefer to use the mega adhesive tabs than the glue. I find glue works better if I have someone to apply them with, like a friend or family member. If I’m on my own I find I get in too much of a mess with glue. The adhesive little tabs are so easy to use and I also find the nails easier to remove when I’ve finished with the them. This and the fact that I can reuse the nails again if need be with the glue. Both adhesives give you around a weeks worth of wear out of them. I found if I did lose a nail I could easily stick them back on or as you get 28 in the pack so you could just use a brand new one and not worry.

So to the ones I was sent..
These are my favourite out of the two packs. They are medium length nails with the 3D diamond look. I find medium nails definitely easier to wear and are a closer length to my natural nails. These are a combination of matte black nails with a deep blue diamond FX. This provides the perfect amount of sophisticated glam without being over the top. This set of nails are so beautiful and easy to wear. I haven’t worn anything like them in the past and the 3D effect makes them really beautiful. To be honest when your wearing these you can’t stop staring at your hands. ( that might be just me here!!)

And to the next set

These are really statement nails. They really add a little bit of mermaid glam to the office or a night out. The trendy coffin shaped nails are probably the longest nails I have ever worn.
They are holographic, Chrome and Glitter finish pastel nails which look effortlessly chic and so pretty. They are definitely a conversation starter to say the least.
For me I would prefer them a little shorter as I am not used to wearing such long nails but if you love longer style nails these are going to be right up your street.

The glam fantasy range comes in many shapes and sizes. I definitely prefer the medium length for everyday wear but would love the longer ones for special occasions.
I will include a picture of the difference types that are available in the range from the brand. This isn’t my own picture it’s taken from the website.
I hope this post has given you some ideas of the products that are available from the Kiss brand.
All the sets of nails are available from Superdrug or Boots at £7.99 each pack ( At the time of going to press these are on offer in Superdrug. So you can get them at a bargain price.

Until next time
Jue X

*GIFTED ITEMS.... Big thank you to Alice from Alex Silver PR and Kiss Nails for kindly gifting these to me.

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