September 16, 2019

Hi you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you guys are having a lovely September so far and life is treating you kindly.
So as you can tell by the title this post is a favourites post.( I really missed not doing my August favourites).
Now I know the title is a little bit far fetched and completely over the top. Obviously I could “live without” these items but it makes the title sound better and more dramatic. Anyone who knows me will know I can be a bit dramatic, so I’m sticking to it.
I remember when I first started my blog all my posts were like this. I would basically choose items that I was loving at the time and talk about them. I did enjoy those days as it seemed a lot simpler as it was all budget beauty. This is really where my heart lies. Saying that I do love to treat myself every now and then but mostly it’s budget!!
So this blog post I thought I would strip it back down to Juelook of 2016 and bring it back to the over excitement of back in the day.
The five items I’ve picked for this post have been in many a previous favourites post. In fact I think I’ve talked about the first item in a favourites post three times, so I’m sorry I have repeated myself here.
As well as this all of the five items are repurchased items. I’m not going to lie, if it’s a repurchase item you know it’s got to be good because I’m quite a fickle person and do tend to change my mind quite often.
So on with the first “can’t live without” product...
I think I’ve talked far too much about this product over the last year or so. In fact  I’m on my forth repurchase bottle! ( yes it’s that good!!) It’s amazing and blends so well. I love L’Oréal for foundations and this one is definitely my favourite on sale in the UK at the moment.
I have written a review about this foundation last year so I will leave you the link below, just in case you missed the original post.

I, like the rest of the world love this mascara. It’s probably one of the best budget beauty mascaras ever. I can’t believe everyone doesn’t love it. It’s become a staple mascara in most Bloggers makeup bag. What makes me happiest is that’s you can buy it in B&M at the moment in the Rose Gold metallic packaging version of this mascara for £3.99 instead of £8.99. The Rose Gold packaging
version is completely the same as the original packaging and I think it looks a lot prettier packaging
than the original. I have lost count how many of these I have repurchased but it’s a lot.
At £8.99 this mascara is still worth the money as it’s a great product and I will always have one in my makeup bag.
This is perhaps the best setting spray I have ever used. I mean like ever!!! Now I know what you’re going to say, £5 is quite a lot for a Primark product and I’m not going to lie I did think that myself but the bottle is so blooming big. (110ml) It lasts for so long and really makes your makeup set. Not only this it contains Rose Water, Kaolin Clay, Vitamin B3 and Aloe Vera. So all good stuff. My only downside is it’s not really as matte as I would like. More like a semi matte, but it holds everything all day.
Ooo Primark has come up trumps again with this little pot of wonderment. I can’t believe these aren’t really talked about all the time as they are so perfect. In my local Primark store four colours are available, which I think is enough for a budget blusher. They are so long lasting and the pigment is amazing for a product at this price point.
So I’m the last person who could recommend a brow product!! I know mine are a bit rubbish but if yours just need a little bit of filling in, this is the product for you.
The fact it doesn’t smudge and doesn’t end up all over your face is a complete winner in my eyes.
It’s fairly priced and comes in two shades. I have bought both shades in the past. The medium brown one works best for me as the dark brown is a little bit too dark. The kit comes with a little brush which is handy but it’s a little bit too small and you really need a longer brush for more control. It’s handy though if you don’t have a longer brush to hand or if you just need to top up during the day! ( this doesn’t happen with me but it might!!)

So that’s my five. Oh course there’s so many products I could mention but I thought five would be enough. I can’t believe I haven’t included a lip product!! Maybe next time.

Do you have a favourite product? Leave a comment below what it is as I would love to find out what you guys are loving budget beauty or luxury!!

Until next time
Jue X

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  1. Estée Lauder Double Wear is my go to foundation. I love the Maybelline mascara as well. x

  2. Aww I’m going to have to try Double Wear again as it’s been a few years since I tried it and I’ve forgotten what it’s like!! Maybelline Mascara is good good! Thank you for commenting. X