September 08, 2019


Hi you lovely lot. Thank you for stopping by.... So some of you might have noticed I haven’t been posting much of late. ( nobody probably noticed!! )
This has been for a number of reasons the main one being, over the last few weeks I’ve been suffering with my ears and it turned out to be an inner ear infection. I was a little bit dizzy ( more than usual) and just generally felt like I didn’t want to write anything so I decided to take a couple of weeks off blogging.  As well as this I’ve also decided to not buy anything this month. This is proving to be very difficult to say the least as the shops are already full of little goodies that I love.
So instead of doing a Primark haul or something similar I thought I would go shopping and show you the things that I would be tempted to buy or things that I completely love and am glad they are back this season.
So first let’s start off with Topshop. Anyone who followed me last year might remember my love for my furry Topshop Leopard print bag. It was everywhere. All over Instagram and on blog posts and it was the kind of bag cool girls had hanging off their arm. I bought one and even though I worn it, I never felt I was cool enough to wear it. This year animal print doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and if I was spending I would be totally buying another one to add to my bag collection. ( I’m sure Topshop don’t have me as their target market but who cares!!!!)
Topshop have the most amazing bags in at the moment and even thought the ones I like range from £28 for the leopard print furry structured grab bag to the tiger print shoulder bag at £32 they are still worth the money!
Topshop aren’t the only ones going leopard print crazy I also found Debenhams have a lovely little display of some beautiful things. I don’t really normally buy anything from Debenhams as it’s expensive but I did love this display.

A shop I do love is Accessorize and even though I don’t spend a lot in there normally, I do like to look around. Today was no exception. I particularly like the green snake skin bag for £17 in there. ( The top left hand corner!) I probably wouldn’t spend that much on just a simple style bag but if you aren’t on a budget like me it probably worth the money.

Another item I completely love in Accessorize is the this little cute beaded coin purse for £10. It’s such a beautiful purse but no spend and all that it’s a no from me. Saying that, this is one of those items I just may go back for in October!!
Primark have also gone a little bit leopard print crazy with the scarves. A few winters ago I used to wear scarves all the time and now the only one I fancied buying was this leopard print one. I might go back for it in October but I’m not really that bothered about it.

Primark is a great place to buy bags from because it’s so cheap. The bag I’m using at the moment is a little box bag I bought from Primark a couple of weeks ago ( before September!!) They still have them in so I thought I would take a little photo for you. I have the black one but I so love the green one as well and normally would probably end up with them both on a normal spending month!
I also wanted to show you the other bags that are available as Primark are really killing the little box bag trend that’s around at the moment.
Another trend that I love is Primarks answer to Doc Martins. I do have a pair of Docs that are years old and don’t really wear except in the snow if I’m honest.( they have amazing grips and I don’t do wellies!) . I love the burgundy and snake skin ones that Primark have in and at £16 they are a complete bargain.
Another trend in Primark that I’m completely on board with is the hair bands!! When did they become a thing? I have a few in my collection but would so love one of each style in Primark at the moment.

Staying with Primark. I am loving the fact that teddy bear jackets are back this year. I love them and this season they come in a new shape which is more flattering for my body shape. They are £20. I also love the fact that demin borg jackets are in the store for the third season in a row. They are £23 and I’m sure they started out at £15 a couple of years ago!) I remember I had one of these very jackets when I first started writing my blog, when I used to do my “outfit of the day” posts it featured on nearly every picture. The “outfit of the day” posts were very tongue in cheek and even though I still have the post I have taken it off the blog as the outfits were very samey.

One last thing.. can you believe Primark have Christmas decorations in the store at the moment. The stand out product that I completely loved was the Micky mouse wreath. I didn’t check out the price!! ( I’m so sorry!)  and even though I probably wouldn’t have been tempted to buy it at the moment I will definitely want it sooner to Christmas.

I hope I have given you a few ideas for new season products. I for one am so excited that a lot of things are back this season that I already have from last year and even though I could have spent a fortune I didn’t. ( The willpower!!!)

Please let me know if you prefer this format instead of my “haul” posts as I feel I can show you more of what’s in store instead of what I end up buying, which to be honest isn’t much especially this month and my tastes aren’t to everyone’s, if you know what I mean.

Until next time

Jue X

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  1. Debenhams has some great pieces in at the moment.

    1. I really should have a good look around next time I’m shopping! Thank you for commenting X

  2. I remember the outfit of the day posts you used to do. I didn’t realise you didn’t have the post up anymore. Are you going to be doing it again? x

    1. I’m not sure if to or not. My clothes are a bit boring. Thank you for commenting X

  3. You should do a post showing beauty products like this one

    1. I really like that idea and I’m going to Primark again soon so I might do! Thank you for the idea x