October 10, 2019

So you have got your outfit sorted, party sorted, now it’s time to sort out your lashes and nails.
Yes I’m talking about Halloween! Whatever you’ve got planned KISS have the products that will get you though the evening and beyond.
With so many products aimed at Halloween, Kiss have come up with some products that not only look great on the 31st October but for any time of the year.

You guys know how much I love the Kiss brand and to be honest it’s my go to for nails and lashes.
There’s nothing scary about applying either the nails or the lashes and you can get some real spooky looks with the products that are available at the moment.

Firstly let’s talk lashes. I have reviewed the Kiss lashes before and they are my complete favourites.
The two that I’ve been sent are 
KISS LASH COUTURE FAUX MINX PITCH £7.99 both are perfect for Halloween looks or as stand alone if you like a bold lash for everyday.
The Kiss lashes have an exclusive knot free band and provide weightless volume and curl.They are also soft and seamless so they blend into your natural lashes so well.
With multiple lengths and curls it’s easy to see how Kiss are America’s lash experts.
What I also love about both pairs of these lashes is that, with special care they can be worn for up to 10 times. This means that even when the Halloween party has ended the life of your false lashes hasn’t. They just need a little rinse in water and they can be used again and again. This makes them such good value for money.

Using the KISS Midnight lashes


So with these perfect lashes you’re going to need the perfect glue. This is where the KISS LASH COUTURE GLUE Lash couture strip lash adhesive is perfect for those spooky Halloween looks. The glue retails at £5.49 The glue promises super strong hold. It’s latex free and contains Biotin and has blueberry extract infused.
 The glue is very much like a black liquid eyeliner ( yes it’s black in colour, so very spooky!!) You paint the lashes, wait for the glue to go abit tacky then apply. Being a false lash newbie the glue I found was a godsend. The brush gives you so much control over where to apply the glue and looks great with a smoky eye. Perfect for Halloween!!! 
 With the glue being black you can’t even see it when it’s applied. This makes the lashes look natural and I wasn’t scared that my eyes would look over glued.
I did find that you need a steady hand when applying the eyelashes as the glue is already there and one false move and you have to start the whole process again. I found being seated at a dressing table the best option here as I had somewhere to rest my elbows.
I found I didn’t need tweezers to apply the lashes, just my fingers.
Now onto the nails.

Spooky nails can be perfect to finish off any Halloween look. These two packs I’ve been sent are perfect for not only Halloween but for anytime of the year. 
KISS WAKE UP CALL £7.99 are my favourite out of the two packs. They are medium length nails with the 3D diamond look. I find medium nails definitely easier to wear and are a closer length to my natural nails. These are a combination of matte black nails with a deep blue diamond FX. This provides the perfect amount of sophisticated glam without being over the top. This set of nails are so beautiful and easy to wear. I haven’t worn anything like them in the past and the 3D effect makes them really beautiful. To be honest when your wearing these you can’t stop staring at your hands. ( that might be just me here!!)

KISS WHATEVER £7.99 are amazing vibrant red nails perfect for any occasion but especially Halloween. These are perfect for glamming up any outfit and can provide instant devilish vibes. These are medium length nails, probably a bit longer than Wake Up Call but not completely over the top that you couldn’t do anything whilst wearing them. These are from the Gel Fantasy range. What I love about this range is that they are really shiny and whilst you are wearing them they don’t fade like red nail varnish can do from time to time. 

What I love about all these products is that you could wear them when ever you liked.. So why just keep these goodies for Halloween when you could wear them at any time of the year!
Kiss have such a huge range and there is something for everyone.
Whatever you are doing for this Halloween season please stay safe.
Until next time
Jue X

*Gifted items but not a paid post! All opinions are my own!!!
Big thank you to Alex Silver PR for kindly gifting me these items to try!

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