October 16, 2019

So it will come as no surprise that I love the PIXI BEAUTY brand as I talk about it all the time! And the new #pixipretties collaboration is one of the best beauty guru collaborations I’ve seen.
So the brand have kindly gifted me some of their collaboration products to try out and I thought you guys might want to see what’s available in the range as my first impressions of the products.
Pixi by Petra is the brainchild of successful makeup artist and owner Petra Strand. Launched over 15 years ago in Soho London the brand represents timeless beauty and provides real woman time saving, multitasking high quality makeup solutions at affordable prices. Petra has over 20 years experience herself as a successful makeup artist so you know we are in good hands with quality products.
Over the last weekend I’ve been playing with these amazing collaboration products. (Believe me, it’s been a labour of love). and I’ve found a few favourites out of the collection that I already know I completely love.
As with other Pixi collections I’ve received, I will do a more in-depth review of my favourite items in a few weeks times after this initial first impressions of the full collection.

So back in June Pixi collaborated with five of the best beauty gurus and produced the new #pixipretties collection.
The amazing beauty gurus are HEART DEFENSOR, CHLOE MORELLO, MARYAM MAQUILLAGE, RACHH LOVES, and FROM HEAD TO TOE. Each guru worked along side Pixi to make products with the aim of being a more glowy version of yourself.
Each product is packaged in the Pixi trade mark green shade that we all know and love ( Fun fact-/ Green is actually my favourite colour!!) All except the Layering highlighter which is a beautiful peach colour.
So what are the products from each of the gurus?

I love a beautiful palette and this one is right up my street shade wise. I love how Autumnal the shades are making it perfect for this time of year. It’s the most flattering palette of best of hues to live your best life.
The palette contains 8 mineral, long lasting eye shades. The first four shades are a more natural hint of colour, but the bottom four are definitely more vibrant and really make your eyes stand out. Each shade is very pigmented and makes a perfect palette for anyone’s collection. I love the fact that this palette isn’t an overly big palette so it fits in your makeup bag easily and each shade compliments each other so you can switch up your looks from natural to a more dramatic look all with one product.

Swatches from top to bottom, Bonbon, Sorbet and Parfait.
CHLOE MORELLO (BEAUTY BLOGGER) “Get ready for a sweet, sparkling love story....”
Now if I was ever going to love the name of a product it was going to be this one. The Lip icing lip toppers comes in the shades Parfait, Sorbet and Bonbon.
These can be worn alone or on top of your favourite lip stick. They add 3D glimmer to your lips and contain nourishing rose hip and marula oil. These are perfect if you are out for something abit different. They are not sticky or tacky at all like some glosses and taste amazing. ( They really do!) Would definitely recommend these products for a Christmas party or a glam night out.
Top night kit
Bottom day kit 

MARYAM MAQUILLAGE (BEAUTY GURU) “From dusk till dawn, dreamy eyed and sealed with a kiss”
So, I have heard of lip kits before but never a eye and lip kit. There is two in the range from the collaboration.
The two kits are simply named DAY KIT and NIGHT KIT. Each contains a liquid lipstick and a liquid fairy lights glittery liquid eyeshadow.
The daytime kit contains liquid fairy lights liquid eyeshadow in the shade Mirage and a liquid lipstick  in the shade Coral Bang. The Coral Bang is a little bit to coral red for me ( I’m a neutral lipstick kind of girl!) but I do love the liquid eyeshadow. This are super easy to apply and if you are a fan of glitter you will love these. I can imagine these being perfect for a Christmas party or a big night out. Personally I would wear them everyday around the town but that’s just me!
The night time kit contains the same products but different shades these are Starry night for the liquid fairy lights eyeshadow and the matte lipstick being called Posh Nude. Posh Nude is right up my street. It sets to a nude matte shade and stays put for hours without being uncomfortable on your lips. I can already tell it’s my new favourite lip product because I love the formula so much.

RACHH LOVES (YOU TUBE CREATOR)” Layer, mix and create a custom glow that’s all you”
The layers highlighting palette has the most prettiest packaging ever.
This contains five beautiful pigmented highlighters. Each shade has a name. LACE, ZIPPER, KNIT, TEE and CLUTCH. The idea of these is you can layer them up and are able to experiment to create your favourite look. Either using a dry brush or wet brush (for more intensity) these highlighters are smooth and pigmented and look so beautiful when applied. The two main square blocks are champagne shimmers ( Tee and Clutch) which are super flattering on the cheek bones. The purple shade ( Zipper) is ideal for layering and looks amazing when applied over the top of one of the champagne shades. Knit is a darker shade and I can imagine it looking beautiful over the top of a tan and lace is another champagne shade with tones of pink.
FROM HEAD TO TOE (BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE CREATOR) “Glowing and gorgeous inside and out”
This collaboration includes Two multi dimensional GLOW-Y POWDER highlighters in the shades FETCH and WEDNESDAYS. These have prismatic particles that give off the most gorgeous radiant glow. Fetch is a more coppery pink shade whilst Wednesday is a more pink highlighter. Both are super flattering and I love colour pay off on your cheeks.
Top Wednesdays Bottom Fetch
From top to bottom swatch Fetch, Wednesdays. 

Next onto an eye product. This is the ENDLESS SHADE STICK in the shade ONE&DONE.
This shadow stick makes applying eyeshadow so quick and easy. It’s super creamy and is smudge proof. The shade is perfect for me and is similar to one I would wear normally. I think the shade is super flattering to all skin tones making this a great universal product for all. I think this product would be perfect to pop in your handbag for an evening out, as a quick fix or holidays.

Out of the whole collection my stand out items are all the Highlighters, definitely the Shade Stick  and of course the Posh Nude Liquid Lipstick which has become my new favourite lipstick.
I also love the palette and can’t wait to have more time to review this properly.

I will leave all the links to the items below just in case you fancy picking up some of these goodies.
HEART DEFENSOR EYE PALETTE DOUBLE TAP https://pixibeauty.co.uk/products/eye-heart-palette?variant=19560095907907

CHLOE MORELLO LIP ICING https://pixibeauty.co.uk/products/lip-icing-2?variant=19559969620035

MARYAM MAQUILLAGE EYE AND LIP KIT (Lit kit) https://pixibeauty.co.uk/products/lit-kit?variant=19560066285635

RACHH LOVES THE LAYERS HIGHLIGHTING KIT https://pixibeauty.co.uk/products/the-layers-highlighting-palette?variant=19560006615107

FROM HEAD TO TOE GLOW-Y POWDERS https://pixibeauty.co.uk/products/glow-y-powder-2?variant=19560130117699

FROM HEAD TO TOE ENDLESS SHADE STICK https://pixibeauty.co.uk/products/endless-shade-stick-1?variant=19560113078339

If you have used any of these products I would love to know, also if you would like me to do a more in-depth review of a single item as well.
Until next time
Jue X

* Gifted-/ So can you imagine my over excitement when I received a PR package from Pixi!
*insert over excited squeal here*.
I love the Pixi range. I have to admit it’s one of my favourite brands and they definitely send out the best PR. 
I just want to say a big thank you to the brand and hope that I do their amazing products justice. 
I never take receiving products for granted and I am grateful for everything that I receive. 

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