October 23, 2019

You guys know how much I love my skincare. It’s one of my favourite things to review. Facial oils have been part of my skincare routine now for about a year. I have tried quite a few and find they really work for me. Recently I have read a lot about Jolie Beauty’s UniGlow Gold Elixir online it’s got really such good reviews and I was so keen to find out more about the brand and the product.

Jolie beauty are an online beauty, cruelty free makeup and skincare brand. It was created by a group of highly experienced makeup artists and is vegan. The brand specialises in colour cosmetics and the brand believe cosmetics should have no rules or boundaries 
The UniGlow Gold Elixir is the brands best selling product. The fact that it has a cute little unicorn on the box and bottle completely sells it to me before even trying the product and it’s easy to see how it can be the best selling product!! 
It’s suitable for both dry and oily skin types, so whatever skin type you have you’re covered. The Elixir is infused with real 24 karat gold and can be used at anytime you want your skin to have an ethereal glow. The product can be worn alone for instant hydration when your skin needs a little bit of something. It can also be used blended in with your foundation during the day.

My skin is Combination, but I can tell it getting drier as I’m getting older. Of course it does tend to get drier in the winter months. The product is made to lock in moisture even to oily skins, as this skin type can get dehydrated as well. Using a facial oil can really help to balance out your complexion. So it’s worth adding one to your skincare routine even on oily skins.

The UniGlow contains some impressive anti-ageing ingredients. This is kind of what I require in a facial oil. It’s contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, Rosehip Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Creatine, Beta- Glucan, Matrixyl-3000, amongst others. These are known Anti-ageing ingredients and everything that your skin needs to stay plumped up and moistured with a youthful glow.
As I have tried to show in the pictures the product contains tiny flecks of real 24 karat gold.( yes actual flecks of gold!!)
The gold flecks disappear like magic as soon as applied leaving an ethereal glow on your skin, so don’t worry you won’t be left with bits of gold all over your face.

The product itself comes in a little black box with a 30ml little black glass bottle inside.This is about average size for a facial oil. It also comes with a little droplet that gives the right amount of product you need for your face. The bottle is super cute with a little unicorn on both the little box and the bottle. This gives the bottle a cute little touch and makes you feel like your popping something truly magical on to your face. The bottle is a great addition to any dressing table and definitely looks the part.

So with a few different ways of using the UniGlow Gold Elixir, I thought I would try out a few different ways to see which worked best for me.

The first way is to add a couple of drops to your foundation or to a damp beauty blender before blending your foundation onto your face. This gives your foundation a super glow and means your foundation not only looks dewy all day but with all the skincare ingredients actually helps your skin. This gives a super smooth and airbrushed effect to your skin and really perfects it. This is perfect if you like a dewy glow to your foundation. If you are a matte girl like me you might prefer to use it separately to your foundation.

The second way is my preferred way. To use as an all over treatment. I’m a big fan of double cleansing and found this amazing to be used in the evening after I’ve cleansed.. It felt like such a treat to use it at bedtime and was even safe to use around the eyes which is where I really felt the benefits.  The next morning my skin felt amazing. It really felt super soft and my skin definitely felt nourished. I didn’t notice any extreme anti-ageing benefits as it’s early days but even after using it for a week my skin feels super hydrated and I can’t wait to see the benefits to my skin after prolonged use of this product
If you fancy trying out this amazing product for yourself , You can buy UniGlow directly from the Jolie Beauty website
Please check out the website as well for money off special offers because it’s really worth keeping an eye out!
Until next time
Jue X

*gifted item. Not a paid for post and all opinions are my own.

*many thanks to Jolie Beauty for kindly gifting me this item to try out.

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