October 19, 2019

It’s hard to believe that 18 months ago I didn’t really care about my nails. I had probably only worn false nails on special occasions a handful of times in my life and I bit them so much that false nails didn’t really work for me as they had very little natural nail to stick to... fast forward to today and that’s completely changed... I decided enough is enough and finally after biting them since I was a child I let them grow!!! 
I have since become one of those people who get upset when one of my own nails breaks and always now like my nails to be long. My natural nails don’t like the winter months and tend to break when the weather goes cooler. This is when the Impress nails from Kiss are my only option. So you guys already know how much I love the Impress nails. I have talked about them before. They are super easy to use and are ideal if you want quick and easy nails without the stress of them breaking. 
The Impress nails are available in many designs already,but the brand have released some new ones especially for the new season that are fashionable to take you up to the party season in style. You can literally get any colour combinations your heart desires. They always include a cute little glitter accent or patterned nail that make them look salon quality.( Whats not to love about a glitter accent!)  
Infact I can’t imagine a salon making your nails look any nicer than these designs. These nails are probably the prettiest false nails I have ever seen available and definitely do the best colour spectrum.
So I thought in this post I would show you the new designs that I have been kindly gifted just in case you fancied jazzing up your nails over the next few months.
Power Up 
Yeah Boy
Boss Lady

The new design nails are super pretty, with Boss Lady being my favourite this time around and not a glitter accent in sight on this set. With plenty more available online there’s a colour for everyone.
If you do like a glitter accent Yeah Boy might be right up your street and Power Up really makes a funky statement to your nails. 
So how do they wear?? 
They are classed as a “gel nail breakthrough” and a “one step manicure” and it’s easy to see why.
With their new ultra fit design that promise to be slimmer yet stronger. Tapered cuticle, contoured fit and patented super hold adhesive. They seem to have everything going for them.
The each little box comes with 30 nails in various sizes to fit any nail and you probably would get one time wear from the box. Maybe two if your lucky with sizes.
All of the nails are similar lengths. This means the nail lengths aren’t over the top or too much like some nails you can get and I don’t think you would really have to file them down to go about your day to day business.

Also included in the box is a prep pad, ( that you wipe your nail with before applying the nails) mini file and a manicure stick. These are very useful even though you probably already own a file and manicure stick it’s great to have them at hand just in case.
The instructions are easy to follow and and once you’ve done your prep you are good to go.
These nails are so easy to apply ( which is probably a good job with me!) I mean so easy. I found the best and easiest way is to set out all the nail sizes out before starting to apply.
The key factor to these nails is to make sure you have them the right way around and it’s always best to try them on your nail first before peeling back the sticky tab. Once you have peeled the sticky tab and pressed it onto your nail it’s well and truly stuck.
Application took me about 10 mins making these the quickest false nails I’ve ever applied.
Definitely the cleanest and safest. I say safest as I know certain brands of false nails have restricted age sales to younger people, because of the glue but not these ones. These are safe to use at any age and with them being the shape they are and not over the top in length.

The nails are not only safe to use they won’t do your nails underneath any damage either. Infact your natural nails get a chance to grow underneath. This means that if you have been using fake nails for a while and your natural nails are damaged and weak these make an amazing temporary product to use.
Gone are the days when stuck on nails lasted for a couple of hours. These really lasted. Obviously if you have your hand in water 24/7 these might not be for you. Saying that if you have a night out or special occasion they would be perfect.
Mine lasted for about three days with minimum water exposure. I probably could have reapplied the nail making them last a little longer but I thought three days showed pretty good staying power. To be honest I forgot I had them on and was probably not as careful as I should have been. So overall excellent results.

I will definitely be buying more of these nails as they are super easy to used and take seconds to apply. 
If you fancy trying out these nails, I will leave you the link


The nails are also available at Superdrug or Boots
If you have used these nails, I would love to know what you think. Do you love them as much as me.
Until next time
Jue X

*Gifted items. Big thank you to Alex Silver PR for kindly gifting me these nails to try. 

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