November 11, 2019

Now if you have read any of my previous blog posts you will know I'm about to have one of those shout it from the rooftops moments, where if I try something I like I just have to write my undying love for it. And LEE STAFFORD COCO LOCO range is one of those said products.
Now before I start I need to point out that these products have been gifted. I am under no obligation to write a good review and if I hadn’t loved it as much as I do I wouldn’t have written this post.

So who is the man behind the brand. Lee Stafford began his hairdressing career cutting friends and families hair but it was in 1998 that he won the Men’s British Hairdresser of the year award that really got him noticed in the world of hairdressing. In the year 2000 he was able to open his second hair dressing salon and was even voted onto the This Morning daytime TV show by the public as one of their chosen elite stylists.
In 2001 he launched his own product range and in 2002 he won the most influential hairdresser of the year award. Since then he has won lots of awards in hairdressing. His most recent being in 2011 as most influential hairdressers of the year.
So it’s safe to say our hair is in safe hands using his hair care brand

So before I start, let me tell you a bit about my hair...My hair is very unruly, it's dyed and dry, coarse and dull ( I'm not painting a very good picture here am I) it also can be greasy at the roots and I have a few grey hairs and split ends. So really bad actually if I’m honest. To makes matters worse I tried to go lighter at the end of last year so it’s still pretty damaged from that.
I do like to switch my shampoos around and never really stick to one brand.
I like to wash my hair most days ( except today when my hair is in a messy bun and no one would ever listen to my product recommendations if they could see me now and probably fall over in a fit of laughter at the very thought of me recommending anything)
So finding a new shampoo I love is quite a task.
I have been using this LEE STAFFORD shampoo and conditioner for about a week and even though that's a short amount of time I am completely in love with and here's why...
Firstly about the 3 products. All of which are from the COCO LOCO range and includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and the Light Serum Spray. I do have a hair mask from the collection but will talk about that product in a later post.

The packaging is super cute in light pink 250ml bottles for the shampoo and conditioner and 100ml of product for the serum spray.  All have little coconuts on the front and the packaging is similar over all the range. The ingredients to the shampoo is Coconut oil and essential proteins for repairing damaged hair. The conditioner also contains coconut oil with silk protein and keratin and the light serum spray contains the same.
The conditioner and serum promise to take your hair from straw to silk and as my hair can be a bit straw like this seems perfect for my damaged hair.
So I wanted to use the whole range together as I always like my shampoos and conditioners to be the same brand if that makes sense. One of Lees top tips on the bottle is to use the shampoo twice. This is because the first shampoo removes all the dirt, oil, pollution and product residue and the second time gives the shampoo chance to get a big lather so your hair feels clean and smells amazing.
It’s advised to only use the conditioner to the ends of your hair which is ideal for me as I do have oiler roots.
The light serum is to be applied on wet hair. It’s so easy to apply and I love the fact that the serum is a spray instead of applying it with your hands. It’s so light as well so no heaviness what so ever.

The smell of this is amazing. It will come as no surprise that it’s Coconuts. It lasts all day and as the day goes on you get whiffs of it from your hair. Even now ( the morning after) I can still smell it and it's that nice I would totally love a fragrance mist in the same scent. Over the years I have used Lee Stafford products before and always love how great they smell and this range is no different.
My hair, when it's been washed tends to get very tangled. It's just something I live with and even with conditioner it's still the same but not with this it's lovely and so easy to comb afterwards. It's amazing what a difference it makes and even though my hair is shoulder length I think it would be amazing for longer hair as well and for children who suffer with knotty hair. I’m not sure if it’s the full range together that does this or just the conditioner but it’s definitely worth trying.
I don't tend to use products in my hair ( except shampoo and conditioner) as I just dry it with a hairdryer and like a straight natural look and this combo of the 3 products really helps with that. My hair has never felt so soft ( it does say this on the shampoo bottle) and even though that's not going to be a factor for many people it kind of is for me.
Now I don't know about you but I love bouncey hair and by that I mean you can keep swishing it about and it just feels nice. Now this shampoo/conditioner/serum combo definitely worked for me at achieving that and that's what kind of sold it to me as I love swishy healthy looking hair.
Now I know everyone's hair is different and this might not work for everyone but it definitely works for me and I love it.
Now I can’t promise this but it’s definitely improved my damaged dry ends and I can’t wait to see with continued use how my hair goes on especially in the winter months.

I will leave the link below to the review I did a while back about the LEE STAFFORD CHOPSTICK STYLER just in case you missed it.

If you have tried it and love it please let me know or if you have tried any of the other new products from the LEE STAFFORD range please let me know if they are just as good as this one.

I was also gifted the LEE STAFFORD 5 PIECE ULTIMATE HAIR MASK COLLECTION which is one of the Christmas gifted available exclusively at Boots. I have left the link to the product above and this product will also be included into my Christmas content in December.
The set includes the Coco Loco Coconut hair mask which also smells amazing and gives you such wonderful shiny hair. I love using a hair mask at least once a week or when I feel my hair just needs a little bit of something. I really wanted to give it a little shout out just in case you are starting your shopping early.
 The set is normally £10 but at the moment there’s 25% off selected gifted in store  so if you are out to purchase this, now seems like the perfect time. Like I said I will go into more detail in my Christmas post towards Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for that content in the next few weeks.
Until next time.
Jue X

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