November 15, 2019

At this time of year, if you’re anything like me you can feel like you need a little boost. The cooler months play havoc with my skin, hair and nails and a supplement is whats needed. 
I can’t just blame the cool months on the state of my hair. 
Some of you might already know the problems that I have been having with my barnet. 
 Just to recap in case you didn’t.... I tried to go lighter and the product that I was using made little bits break off. Basically I ended up with a little fringe, as my hair turned into an elastic band, ( let’s face no one wants that!!!!)
This was months ago and I have since gone back to my dark shade again.. I know right???? Within this time I have been using various supplements and conditioning treatments and have found ones that I am happy with. 
 One of these supplements is the LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair and Nails. I was gifted these a few months ago (March) and I was so happy to be gifted them again.
The LQ LIQUID HEALTH SKIN HAIR AND NAILS has worked wonders with my hair in the past and it’s nearly back to its normal condition because of them now. 

LQ Liquid health is a Boots bestselling brand with an outstanding range loved by celebs, journalists and bloggers alike. Michelle Keegan is apparently a fan and lets face it I would love her skin, hair, and nails.
Maintaining great skin, healthy hair and stronger nails has never been easier than with the LQ liquid health. Each daily liquid supplement contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to treat your skin from within. It’s one of the first of its kind to contain three of the most effective skin anti Agee’s in one little shot. Along with a broad spectrum of advanced antioxidants to fight off lines, wrinkles and skin tone. LQ Liquid Health Supplements provide the best blend of ingredients to boost your skin, help maintain and encourage healthy hair and improve the appearance of your nails in one little bottle of goodness.
The simple one a daily 50ml shot bottle has proven faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates and are more easily digestible in your tummy than other methods of supplements.
These supplements ensure your body is getting the right amount of the proper vitamins and nutrients needed for your skin, hair and nails to be in tip top condition.        
Each box contains 10 little bottles. ( So ten days worth, as it’s one bottle per day)
The little bottles are easy to take and are measured out for you. This makes it super easy, with no chance of taking too much or too little. 
I love the fact that you can take them at any time of the day. You can simply pop the handy bottle into your bag to have on the go any time of the day. One 50ml daily bottle has proven faster absorption rates, higher optimism rates and are more easily digestible than other methods of taking supplements, meaning it starts working faster!!!  
These fab Hair, Skin and Nails supplements also taste delicious ( they really do!) and with the passion fruit flavour and no aftertaste they are a yummy, easy way of introducing supplements into anyone’s busy lifestyle. 
Nutritional supplements exist to ensure that your body is getting enough of the proper vitamins and nutrients needed for your hair to thrive. LQ’s Skin, Hair & Nails liquid health supplement is a delicious alternative to traditional health supplements, and contains key active ingredients such as Marine Collagen,( Collagen is the most abundant, naturally occurring protein in the human body. Hyaluronic Acid, 
Resveratrol, ( LQ Skin, Hair & Nails uses high grade resveratrol extracted from red grapes)
Silicon, ( Chloline-stabilised orthosilicic acid is a source of highly bioavailable silicon, a mineral found in hair, skin and nails.
Selenium, (Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair
Vitamin C (Contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin. It also contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
Vitamin E ( again contributes to the proctection of the cells from oxidative stress.
Biotin ( Vitamin B7) Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair.
And Sweetner which make the supplements taste amazing. 
After taking these supplements everyday for two weeks the results were pretty good. 
Firstly I loved the taste. I have heard a couple people say they don’t like the taste but I really did. Because it contains marine collagen I always worry that it’s going to taste a little fishy but it really doesn’t and found the taste to be really nice. 
My skin felt clearer and brighter. This was definitely a result of taking these products, as at this time of year my skin is usually pretty dull with not a hint of any sort of brightness at all. 
I do have pigmentation to my skin and that seemed to go a little lighter. I’m not sure what would happen over a longer period of time but after two weeks it was impressive. 
I am at an age where I do worry about wrinkles and have a very annoying wrinkle line just on my lip and this isn’t so prominent at the moment, which I’m putting down to these supplements. I do have a few laughter lines around my eyes which are still there but I’m sure in time wouldn’t be so noticeable with continued use. 

I haven’t experienced any breakouts in the last couple of weeks either, which is also a surprise for me. It’s hard to tell if this was the supplement or just my skin but still all good. 

I can honestly say hand on heart my nails haven’t broken in the last two weeks and genuinely feel stronger. This I’m sure is a factor of this product as normally at this time of year any excuse and they break.This to me is important as I was a nail biter for years and any product that can help keep my nails long and healthy gets my vote. My nails always seem a little weaker in the colder months so this for me is a complete winner. 

My hair even though it’s very damaged (from trying to go lighter a few months back) it does seem to be growing really quickly. In fact more than usual. You can actually see my natural coloured roots within two weeks.  I would say they are great for someone who is growing their hair who has hair in pretty good condition already.
Lastly and this has nothing to do with Skin, Hair or Nails. I do seem to have more energy. 
This I can only put down to taking extra supplements. I love the fact that these contain Vitamin C that I think has kept the winter colds at bay. . ( yet another reason to love them!) 
If you want to give these amazing supplements a try, I will leave you the links below. 


I hope you have enjoyed my little go back in time post
Until next time
Jue X

*gifted item
Many thanks to LQ Liquid Health and Sparkle PR  for kindly gifting this product to me.
* Any food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle!!

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  1. I tried these the last time you recommended them from Boots and love them. They are expensive but well worth the money.

    1. They really are worth it aren’t they.. Thank you so much for commenting X