April 10, 2020

In these uncertain times what better way to use our spare time on self care. Now more than ever it’s so important we look after ourselves. 
Anyone who knows me will know that I always carry around some kind of throat pastille, throat sweet or similar products. I suffer with my throat on a regular basis. Nothing really bad that I need pain killers for just the annoyance of it feeling not quite right. So when I heard all about Grethers Pastilles I knew they would be just my cup of tea.
So let me tell you a bit about the brand just in case you hadn’t heard of them and because I do love a good back story. 
Grether’s pastilles are a traditional pastille handcrafted in Switzerland and went by the name of Allenbury when they were first produced. The recipe is based on one from England in 1850 to help soothe sore and hoarse throats. In the 1930s the company Doetsch Grether AG acquired the distribution rights and in 1974 the company changed its name to Grether’s Pastilles which is what it’s still known as today. The brand use the same great traditional recipe that they have always done.  As well as soothing a sore throat, they are a great help at adding an extra layer for strained voices and dry mouths as well as protecting against sore throats. 
This is ideal for singers, actors, public speakers as well as anyone who regularly uses their voice day by day. ( That might include me because I do love to talk!) So the pastilles come in exciting flavours. 
The Blackcurrant flavour is the brands original flavour and the one I have been sent over to try out.  
These are made from pure natural blackcurrant juice. The yummy pastilles offer a mild distinct flavour and is the traditional original flavour of the pastilles. 
They come in the form of a hard suckable pastille and taste really yummy and really help to clear your throat. 

The other flavours do sound just as delicious  for example
The Redcurrant flavour offers a fresh, exotic combination of pure natural Redcurrant juice and vitamin C and if refined with passion fruit.
The Elderflower flavour is a taste sensation with the tart, fruity combination of extracts of elderflower and lemon balm.
And the Blueberry flavour which is renowned for their antioxidant super fruit properties. As well as this blueberries provide an excellent remedy for sore mouths and throats due to their tannins. 
The packaging of the tins are a very traditional design and could be used again for other storage uses if not to be refilled again. 

Each flavour is available as traditional or sugar free in different sizes 
60g tin for £3.99
110g tin for £5.99
440g tin for £19.99
Or an 100g refill pouch for £4.23

The large 440g tin also comes with a free smaller tin inside. This tin is an ideal size to have in your handbag to refill from the larger tin on a day to day basis or to refill if you decide to buy the 100g pouch for your second purchase.

Lastly I just want to say a big thank you to Sparkle PR and Grethers Pastilles for kindly gifting me these to try out.
I will leave the link below just in case you fancy trying out these yummy pastilles.
Until next time and please stay safe and take care.
Jue X

*Gifted item but not a paid for post. 

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